Student Internship Requirements

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship

Internship Requirements

You must have taken ENT 3320, for entrepreneurship majors, or ENT 3315, for entrepreneurship minors, before taking taking the internship course ENT 4395.

Before completing the requirements below, you should meet with Baylor University Career Services to review your resume and interviewing skills.

Getting Started

  1. Complete the Internship Interest form. (PDF).
  2. If you have not already been offered an internship, potential internship opportunities can be found on Baylor's Hire A Bear site. You may also contact the Entrepreneurship Internship Program Manager, Linda Ramirez, to inquire about opportunities.
  3. If you have already been offered an internship, submit a copy of the offer letter along with the contact information for the internship supervisor to the Entrepreneurship Internship Program Manager.
  4. Complete the Internship Application. (PDF).
  5. Complete the online Closed Class Permit form.

End-of-Internship Paper

At the conclusion of your internship, you will submit an end-of-internship report explaining what you have learned as a result of the internship experience. Details regarding the report format are found in the Internship Application.

The report should be submitted by the last day of class in your internship semester.

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