Internship Program

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Internship Program is a mutually beneficial program pairing Baylor entrepreneurship students and companies with business needs.

Student Benefits

The program gives students the opportunity to put classroom knowledge into action in real-world business environments while expanding their skill sets and professional relationships. The program allows the students to receive 3 credit hours for the work completed during the internship.

Details for Students Seeking Internships

Benefits for Host Companies

The program benefits companies hosting interns by giving them access to high quality individuals to serve in a temporary capacity. Young interns can offer fresh perspectives, professional attitudes and a desire to add value.

Many companies have also used the program as an opportunity to identify topnotch people who would be a good fit with the existing team and company culture in a full-time capacity.

Details for Companies Seeking Interns

Not Just for Summer

Internships do not have to just occur during the summer. Students can participate in internships throughout the year in both a physical and virtual environment.

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