Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

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Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

"In the afternoon, we went to an orphanage to play soccer with kids. If there is one thing I hope I never forget about this country, it is the look on the kids' faces and the joy they get from just a little bit of attention." - Conrad Steele

"Josaline applied for an MFI loan and gained enough money to help make a difference for her family. I thought it was amazing to see how the first thing that she and all of these women say, wasn't that they were enabled to get a bigger house, electricity, or food, but that 'I am able to send all of my children to school.' It was so clear that they realized that for their children to live a better life, they had to create a way for them to receive an education. It was so beautiful to witness." - Courtney Smith

"Being in Rwanda has changed my outlook on life. I no longer look at life as a short time clock but as an opportunity to live life to the fullest and love others as Christ has loved us. I will not forget Rwanda and will continue to pray for the people that have impacted my life here. This is not a goodbye, but the beginning of another chapter in my life." - Rachel Hill

"We visited several churches where thousands of people had been killed in the genocide. As we were leaving, the only sound I noticed in an hour was the sound of children singing and dancing at the school a hundred yards away. It was strange to hear such loving, playful songs right after visiting a mass grave where 51,000 people, possible relatives of the children, were murdered." - Austin Shaw

"The Rwandans weren't hesitant to include us in their trust group meeting, however, they sat and stared at us as this village was far enough away from Kigali that most rarely see white people. We heard several stories of small business owners sending their children to school because of microloans. It's incredible to hear how their lives have been saved through these loans." - Sara Hixon

"The thing that excited me most was the spiritual impact the loan officers make along with the financial impact. Some stories about different clients were so encouraging and a real testimony to the bank's work. It IS possible to run a sustaining business that dramatically changes lives for the better! It's an incredible work." - Jessica Guest

"An overarching banner of hope and trust exist in the possibility of a better future. Much remains to be done, but much has been done, and the ground work is almost laid for the children of Rwanda. I am troubled by what I have seen, and I feel the weight of the old world, the old Rwanda, but I am heartened to see how the old - even those who participated in the genocide - are looking forward, eager to work for a brighter and more prosperous future." ~ No name - handwritten, begins "19 May - Arrival in Kigali"

"I fully believe in the idea of microfinance and, though I have a lot left to think about, tend to believe it is a more viable option for REALLY helping the poor than simply giving them food, money, clothes, etc. There is so much opportunity for business in Africa..."

"It was a very interesting experience. The food was different, the people were friendly, the landscape breathtaking, and the cleanliness nearly unsurpassable. I loved seeing the way Rwandans have dealt with, and still are dealing with, the genocide. They choose to never forget so that it will never happen again. I could use this mindset more often I think." - Jordan McCurry

"The screams of desperation and terrors of evil as men, women, and children were brutally murdered in every nook of this country are now replaced with the resilient singing and clapping of school children and the beautiful smiles and laughter of men and women walking about the streets. Despair has been replaced with hope." - Bo Weathersbee

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