Baylor Business Women

About BBW

Baylor Busines Women

Baylor Business Women was founded in 2006. Melanie Smith was the driving force behind bringing BBW to Baylor. The first meeting had a record 200 attendees. On April 24, 2008, BBW became an official student organization with the Charter Ceremony.

The Baylor Business Women faculty board consists of four women:

  1. Joy Young, Senior Lecturer, Information Systems
  2. Debra Burleson, Senior Lecturer, Information Systems
  3. Carie Ford, Clinical Professor of Accounting
  4. Susie Etheredge, Senior Lecturer of Finance, Managing Director, Southwest Securities Financial Markets Center

Baylor Business Women is also split into the following five committees:

  • Programs
  • Publicity
  • Community Service
  • Membership (Social Events)
  • Networking

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