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You enjoyed meeting Andy Anderson, a 3M Sales Representative and Baylor ProSales alum, at the Baylor-Michigan State Cotton Bowl game. It was great to chat with Andy, to learn about his ProSales experience, and understand how he launched his 3M career. Andy was “all in” when he was at Baylor…meaning he was eager to gain as much value from Baylor’s Professional Selling program as possible.

To this day, Andy stays involved with Baylor’s ProSales program, serving on the Ambassador Board. His advice to you during half-time: “drink the Kool-Aid…if you do what ProSales asks you to do, you’ll be successful.” You chuckled at the Kool-Aid reference because you know there are times in ProSales where you are so busy, you feel like you’re dying!

True to his word, Andy gave you the email introduction into The Marco Company and his contact knows you are an ADP sales representative. The Marco Company is one of Andy’s 3M clients and he really enjoys working with them (they have Baylor pride in common). From chatting at the game, you learned some basic information about The Marco Company.

The Company - Rocking the Retail Merchandising World

The history of The Marco Company began with two brothers, Darrell Cooper (Baylor ‘81) and David Cooper. The two brothers envisioned building a company that provides innovative merchandising solutions to the grocery industry. In 1984, their vision became a reality. By 1988, The Marco Company outgrew their 5000 square foot building in Ft. Worth. Today, they have one million square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space.

They doubled their manufacturing space to keep up with growing demand for their product line. Starting with a small product line (five simple plastic products), their business now serves 24 of the top 25 grocery store chains in the US. Growing demand for their product line in grocery was matched by new demand beyond grocery and beyond the United States. The Marco Company is now a global enterprise serving a variety of general retailers and grocers.

They are known as a one-stop shop for displays, millwork, installation and case refurbishment. Their expanded product offering includes cart corrals and asset protection solutions that satisfy the sales floor, back room and exterior needs of virtually every retailer.Marco is comprised of a family of companies, including Infiniti Decor, Carolina Store Fixtures, Thermell Manufacturing, InStore, Select Plastics, and Remis America.

The Sales Call - Navigating the Early Connection

You anticipate that you will have a good opportunity to learn even more about The Marco Group at your meeting with Darrell Cooper. As a founder, he’s obviously very busy. He also isn’t making daily decisions about things like payroll. Yet, since he’s a proud Baylor Bear, Darrell agreed to meet with you (at Andy’s recommendation) and “hear you out.” If Darrell thinks you have something that will help The Marco Company, he’s likely to make an introduction into one of the divisions where such a change might be piloted. The Marco Company is a privately held (family-owned) company that has been experiencing growth. In fact, you did a little detective work and believe that a current employee’s comment on glassdoor indicates there is opportunity for ADP Run Mobile at The Marco Company. The anonymous employee state, “there has been very rapid growth at The Marco Company….there is always more than enough work to go around.” You are not sure if the size of their workforce “flexes” up and down with project demands.

You found two Marco division leaders via LinkedIn, but you are not sure if these people/roles are current or not:

Bill Graves is the General Manager of the Infiniti Décor division

Chris Elliott is the owner/partner of the Thermell Manufacturing division

You are eager to have a productive call as this company may well represent nice opportunity. The Marco Company operates in a sector that will be new for you, so they represent an opportunity to broaden your client portfolio. Importantly, any time you have a chance to meet with a Baylor alum, you are very eager to be prepared and polished as you too have the responsibility of representing the ProSales brand in the marketplace.

Company–The Marco Company, 3209 Marquita Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76616, has six divisions/companies under The Marco Company umbrella

Industry – Business-to-business merchandising support for retail

Owners – Family Owned, 3 owners all have Baylor ties

Number of Locations – 6 Manufacturing locations in Fort Worth, (*10 Total U.S. & 3 O.U.S)

Number of Employees – 750 in Fort Worth, 100 in Fort Worth headquarters

Current Payroll System – Paychex

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