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*Developed for the National Collegiate Sales Competition

The Situation

It is your second week of making sales calls in the Atlanta area as a sales person for ADP. The last six months now seem like ancient history. You competed at NCSC and in between rounds met over 40 companies recruiting sales talent. This resulted in you being flown from city to city and participating in a dozen interviews. Two weeks until graduation and with six job offers you decided that ADP was the best fit for you. Now after several weeks of training and one week in the field you are sure you made the right decision. You made two sales in the first week and as a result of one of them, you uncovered a really hot prospect to begin your second week.

You stopped by Bob's Coffee Shop to say thank you to your very first customer, Bob. Bob introduced you to Mickey Forbes who was moving into the building across the street. Mickey was just finishing up a coffee and about to leave but when you said you represented ADP and specialized in helping small businesses, Mickey sat back down and said maybe you could help.

Mickey needed to get back to the office to make sure the equipment was being installed properly but did tell you, First Call was started in Tallahassee about 10 years ago. First Call is a computer services company that focuses on the small to medium businesses that cannot afford technical staff. As Mickey put it, opening a branch in Atlanta happened because of love. Three years ago, Mickey met Alex, a PhD candidate at FSU. Last year they were married. In December, Alex received a PhD degree and this fall starts teaching at the University of Georgia.

The Sales Call: Round 1

Because Mickey could not stay a meeting was set for Saturday.

What You Have Heard...

What you Found on the First Call Computer Solutions Website

Started in 2003, First Call Computer Solutions LLC is headquartered in Tallahassee, FL and has a branch in Thomasville, GA. We are a product of the growth and specialization of a unique cost saving approach to IT Management and IT Acquisition. We're excited you came to this page to get to know us... our clients across Florida, Georgia, and Alabama think we're a lot of fun and many end up choosing us as their trusted technology partner for life. Here is a little bit more about us, and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and ask... we're pretty social for an IT company :)

Our Mission is to assist large and small organizations with managing their technology in the most effective way possible while delivering the most outstanding client service experience they have ever had with an IT vendor.

Our slogan is "We Manage Technology So You Don't Have To" which translates into the simple concept that when you turn us on, you can get back to more important things like running your business or organization.

We are a medium sized company. What does that mean? We have the size, scale, expertise, resources, experience, and manpower to handle large projects, however, we are not a large sized company which enables us to be dynamic in the solutions we provide and flexible in our service offerings. Most importantly, our customer service is much more personal like a small business which makes our size a true asset to any size company looking to have us manage their technology.

Our research & development department is one of the most unique areas of our office and features a complete development lab where we have most recently been testing new methods of virtual desktop integration via the cloud. Being in Tallahassee, Florida and Thomasville, Georgia allows us to pull talent from four major universities all within miles of our corporate headquarters in downtown Tallahassee and downtown Thomasville. We have developed several proprietary solutions that are in use now and continue to develop unique and innovative ways of fulfilling our clients' needs.

No organization is too big or too small for us to help. We service over 1000 organizations and our clientele covers almost every industry and every size from single person law firms to major auto manufacturers. From out of the box to completely custom and proprietary and no matter what kind of organization you are a part of, we have likely managed one just like yours before, are familiar with your line of business software, and can help you be more effective and efficient with your technology.

The First Call Leadership Team
President - Mickey Forbes
Vice President and General Counsel - Robbie Peterson
Chief Operations Officer - Katie Kemp

*This scenario is used with permission from the
National Collegiate Sales Competition.

All prospect profiles are developed for educational purposes and to facilitate competition at NCSC XVI. While some organizations represented in the profiles resemble actual companies, the profiles and situations are purely fictitious and any comments or remarks made in this document or by participants during the NCSC do not reflect the views, opinions or facts about any actual organization.

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