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The Sales Decathlon at Northern Illinois University connects students world-wide through a unique, competitive sales competition involving telephone, voice mail, Web conference and face-to-face sales interactions. Each university may have up to 10 students participate in three rounds of virtual competition. Top 20 finalists compete in-person in six events.

Competition Resources

2014 Competitors

  • Collin Brence
  • Cole Hansen
  • Grant Holmes
  • Breanna Mutzig
  • Lindsey Regan
  • Katie Simutis
  • Rob Tarantolo
  • Ayana Taylor
  • Luke Thompson
  • Valerie Vaughn

2014 Student Coaches

  • Simeon Brown
  • Tyler Kopas
  • Olivia Offringa

2014 Faculty Coach

  • Dr. Andrea Dixon

*denotes team captain

*Competition Videos Forthcoming

*Competition Photos Forthcoming

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