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Food Sensitivities: Wrong Food Habit May Damage Diet Plan
Huffington Post: Meredith David, assistant professor of Marketing, was lead author on a study about dieter behaviors and diet plans referenced in this article.

Don't Worry, Be Happy
Catholic Digest: A Baylor University study co-authored by James Roberts, the holder of the Ben H. Williams Professorship in Marketing, is mentioned in this article.

Is Cell Phone Addiction Real?
Inside Higher Ed: This page links to a podcast from Academic Minute in which professor of Marketing, James A. Roberts, is interviewed about his study on cellphone addiction.

8 Habits That Make 20-Somethings Anxious and Unproductive
Business Insider: This article references a study by professor of Marketing, James A. Roberts, about cellphone addiction in relation to habits of 20-somethings.

As Our Homes Get Smarter 'It Could Become Incredibly Easy to Spend Money'
Financial Post: An article detailing future results of consumer behavior with smart devices in the home. James A. Robert, Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing, is cited.

Tapping the Power of Story
Business Review Podcast: Luke Sherwin, co-founder and chief creative officer of online mattress startup, Caspar, knows genuine stories build a strong bond of trust with customers.

Adopt A Healthy Diet By Finding Foods You Love
The Alternative Daily: Research by Meredith David, associate professor of Marketing, on dieting strategies is quoted.

Here's Why Your Diet Plan Isn't Working
[8/12/2016] An article about a study from Hankamer School of Business recording outcomes of diet strategies.

Experience-Driven Marketing
Business Review Podcast: “Word of mouth with a modern twist.” That’s how Luke Sherwin, co-founder and chief creative officer of the mattress startup, Caspar, describes the company’s foundation for marketing.

Why This Population is Addicted to Smartphones
[8/10/2016] A review of a study by James A. Roberts, the Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing, on college students' activity on smartphones.

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