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Everyone Likes A Discount. But Is Customized Pricing The Way To Go?
WACO, Texas (May 23, 2017) – Everyone likes a discount, right? And a discount tailored to your specific purchase patterns sounds even better. But is this approach effective?

Are You "Phubbing" Me?
Healthy Cells Magazine: In this article, a Christian counselor discusses the research of professors of marketing, James Roberts and Meredith David, on phone snubbing, or "phubbing," and its harmful impact on relationships.

Clutter-free Marriage Creates Spring Renewal
Daily North Shore: This advice column piece about marriage maintenance and improvement mentions research by James Roberts, professor of marketing, centered around smartphone snubbing, or "phubbing," of partners.

Business Scholars Describe How to Rectify Managerial Malpractice That Discourages Employee Engagement
Professor of management, Gary Carini, and professor of marketing, Mark Dunn, have authored an educational parable that conveys the problems and solutions to managerial malpractice using the perspective of a fly on the wall.

How to Temper Smartphone Overuse
The Philadelphia Tribune: In this piece about curbing smartphone addiction, popular research on the subject by professor of marketing, James Roberts, is referenced.

How People Make Decisions When They Hate to Make Decisions
Innovative Business at Baylor: Ashley Otto, assistant professor of marketing, researches the decision-making process in people who have an aversion to decision-making.

Studies Show That Our Phones Are Wrecking Our Relationships, and Tell Us Something We Don’t Know
Yahoo!: This article makes reference to the findings of a research study by professors of marketing, James Roberts and Meredith David, about the social damage of "phone snubbing," or "phubbing," caused by smartphone addiction.

Ask the Experts: James A. Roberts
Wallet Hub: This page reviews credit cards and includes an "Ask the Experts" section that features the Q&A advice of professor of marketing, James Roberts.

The Phones We Love Too Much
The New York Times: One of the featured experts in this story about societal addiction to smartphones is professor of marketing, James Roberts, whose research with Meredith David found that phone snubbing, or "phubbing," can harm relationships.

Is Your Facebook Obsession Feeding a Personality Disorder?
Reader's Digest: This article discusses the psychological impact of social media, and references research by professor of marketing, James Roberts, about the correlations between clinical narcissism and social media usage.

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