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Video: Is ‘Phubbing’ a Frustration in Your Love Life? You’re Not Alone
CBS Detroit: This video puts a spotlight on research by professors of marketing, James Roberts and Meredith David, about "phubbing," or "phone snubbing," and its harmful effects on relationships.

Video: Baylor Researchers Explore the Benefits of Standing While You Work
KXXV (ABC): This story spotlights research by Cindy Wu, professor of management, and Renee Umstattd Meyer, professor of HHPR, about standing desks and their health benefits.

Video: Prison Entrepreneurship Program
KWKT-TV (FOX Waco): Baylor Business professor and associate dean for graduate studies, Gary Carini, is featured in this video about the Baylor Business prison outreach "Prison Entrepreneurship Program."

Video: "Phubbing" is Damaging Relationships
WCCO-TV: In this video clip, morning anchors in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN discuss research by professor of marketing James Roberts on "phubbing," or "phone snubbing."

HGTV Stars Who Went from Renovating Houses to Running a Multimedia Empire Share Their Best Advice for Small-Business Owners
Business Insider: Alumnus of Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University, Chip Gaines, and alumnus of Baylor University, Joanna Gaines, offer their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in this article and video interview.

Waco: Stand, Don't Sit BU Professors Say
KWTX Waco: Associate professor of Management, Cindy Wu, is interviewed about research on the health benefits of standing desks.

Addicted to Your Phone? Not Really!
WVTM-13 Birmingham: A news report video about a study by researchers on college students' activity on mobile devices.

Study About Cell Phone Addiction
WTVY Dothan: A study about smartphone addiction from Baylor University is referenced in this article and video.

Are You Addicted to Your Smart Phone?
The Daily Edition (Australia): James A. Roberts, Ph.D., The Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, is renowned for his research on cellphone addiction. He is featured in this segment discussing his research on cellphone addiction and “phubbing” – phone snubbing – and their effects on personal relationships.

How Much Time Do Families Really Spend on Their Cellphones?
ABC's Good Morning America: James Roberts, Ph.D., The Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, is the featured expert in this “Good Morning America” segment with ABC reporter Mara Schiavocampo addressing families and their use of cellphones. The story centers on a Philadelphia family of four, who allowed their cellphone use to be tracked for a week. Tracking was done using video cameras and a smartphone app. Roberts, known nationally and internationally for his research on smartphone addiction and its effects, flew to Philadelphia to film the segment, in which he meets with the family to discuss their smartphone habits and shares tips to help them curb their use and break away from the pull of technology.

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