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What the Heck is… Phubbing?
The Memo: Referenced in this piece about "phubbing" is the research by Baylor Business professors of marketing, James Roberts and Meredith David, that discovered its negative impact on relationships.

2017’s Best Places for Valentine’s Day
Meredith David, assistant professor of Marketing, answers WalletHub's questions about Valentine's Day.

Beware of Digital Gluttony
Catholic Digest: This helpful article cites seven tips from professor of marketing, James Roberts', book about phone addiction and how to control your digital habits: "Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?"

Here's How University Business Incubators Lead To Less Innovations
University Herald: Entrepreneurship professor, Peter Klein, is featured in this article about his research on university-affiliated incubators and their eventual decline in innovation quality.

Do University Incubators Harm Innovation?
Innovation Excellence: This innovation-focused blog reviews research by Baylor Business professor of entrepreneurship, Peter Klein, on whether university-affiliated incubators negatively affect the quality of innovations produced.

University Incubators May Lead to Lower-Quality Innovation, New Study Shows
[2/10/2017] Research by Baylor Business professor of entrepreneurship, Peter Klein, is reviewed in this piece about his findings that starting a university-affiliated incubator soon thereafter leads to a decline in innovation quality.

Video: Prison Entrepreneurship Program
KWKT-TV (FOX Waco): Baylor Business professor and associate dean for graduate studies, Gary Carini, is featured in this video about the Baylor Business prison outreach "Prison Entrepreneurship Program."

Don’t Be Rude: Put Down the Cellphone When You’re Talking to Friends
The Tribune (San Luis Obispo): Discussed in this column are the impacts of "phone snubbing," or "phubbing," a term coined by Baylor professors of marketing James Roberts and Meredith David, who research the subject.

Chip Gaines to Get His Own Store in Magnolia Market Silo
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Business alumnus, Chip Gaines of "Fixer Upper" and Magnolia, is planning to build a mercantile store within one of the two old grain silos on the Gaines' storefront property.

First New Ontario Casino in a Decade Opens, But Critics Warn of Downside
Cantech Letter: Economics professor Earl Grinols is quoted in this article about a new casino in Ontario for his knowledge of casinos and their economic impact. His book Gambling in America: Costs and Benefits is referenced.

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