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You Can Now Get Your Haircut to Go with Mobile Barbershops
KWBU-FM (Waco/NPR): Marlene Reed, D.B.A., senior lecturer in entrepreneurship in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, is interviewed for this local story on mobile businesses, such as food trucks or barber shops, in which people are willing to pay extra for something that’s quick, convenient and personalized. “People have become so busy, time is probably the most scarce of all of our resources, maybe even more so than money for many people, and they want someone to come do something for them on their premises or at work,” she said.

Franklin Says What?!
One of the most common misquotes attributed to Benjamin Franklin is “A penny saved is a penny earned.” It’s close, but it’s not Franklin. Franklin is best known as one of the foremost founders of a new nation. He helped define the American spirit through his wit and wisdom. Nationally recognized scholar on his business practices, Dr. Blaine McCormick, says Franklin is often misquoted.

Does Religion Make Us Worse People?
The Huffington Post: Article about parents who return to return to their faith communities in hopes of instilling religious values into their children. The article references a 2012 study by Baylor researchers Marjorie Cooper, Ph.D., and Chris Pullig, Ph.D., who found that narcissistic religious students were not more ethical in their decision-making than those not involved in organized religion. Pullig is professor and chair of marketing in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business. Cooper is a professor of marketing in Hankamer.

Social Impact Partnerships
Jim Ryan of Merrill Lynch explains that you don’t have to sacrifice performance by bringing your values into your portfolio. Social impact bonds are being offered in the marketplace, often referred to as “pay for success” securities.

Brands and Social Good
Using a company’s profits to do good in the world has increasingly become the key to winning over consumers. From the very beginning, fashion pioneer Kenneth Cole has leveraged his platform to help catalyze social change. Amanda Cole, social impact strategist at Kenneth Cole, talks about “look good, for good.”

Values-Based Investing
Jim Ryan, managing director at Merrill Lynch at the the private banking and investment group in New York City, says investors today are demanding more from their portfolio. He says institutional investors have a greater responsibility to ensure that their own investments reflect their underlying ministry or mission.

The A-Team
Ruben Cantu, founder and CEO of Core Media Strategies, pairs investors with start-ups that have high potential. He knows what separates an A-team from a B-team, and the type of prime players investors are looking for.

Perfect Pitch
Pitchfest competitions have become quite popular with entrepreneurs seeking financing. Ruben Cantu, founder and CEO of Core Media Strategies, shares his top five tips when presenting ideas to investors, in order to nail a pitch.

Creating the Right Setting for Success
Leadership expert Dan Rockwell says culture building helps to attract and retain the kind of people who will fulfill a company’s mission. He says some industries, such as banking, government and education, can be slower to change culture. He advises to start small, with a division, a team, or an office. And remember, a “great place to work” is often determined by what is tolerated on the job. For example, management allowing rudeness in a meeting, or allowing a great performer to break the rules.

Hankamer School of Business Finds New, State-of-the-Art Home
KWBU-FM: AUDIO: The new $100 million Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation is the new home of Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business. Media representatives were given a tour this week of the 275,000-square-foot building, which has an atrium, classrooms with the latest technology, collaborative study rooms and more than 250 office spaces. Interviewed for the story were Terry Maness, D.B.A., dean of Hankamer School of Business, and MBA student Kevin Mitchell.

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