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A Fresh Start
Even if you have a bad boss, if you drop your "baggage" and approach each day with a fresh start, you'll thrive and do better at work.

Ethics in Business
Marlene Reed spends much of her time writing published cases for journals and textbooks. She teaches ethics in her classroom using those stories, which are based on real-life experiences from interviews of people who have been faced with difficult decisions.

Emotional Labor
Researchers dubbed this project "The Waiter Spit in my Soup!" You might be surprised that over 50 percent of customer service employees are responsible for some sort of deviant behavior toward customers.

The Innovation Gap
We commonly believe certain myths about innovation -- that innovation is produced by a lone genius, or that it’s the product of serendipity. The words organized and innovation are rarely heard together but an organized approach to innovation is exactly what America needs today.

Marketing Storytelling
Use story telling to make a connection between the brand and consumer that goes far beyond the product, far beyond that moment -- and lives with the consumer.

Air Force Academy Squadrons Test Peer-Effect Assumptions
[3/26/2014] Parents and educators have assumed that peers matter. An unusual social engineering experiment, including research done by Hankamer's James West, tried to apply what's known about peer effects to the real world.

Oracle CEO On Big Data, Privacy
AUDIO: KWBU-FM news reporter Ryland Barton covered this year’s Global Business Forum headlined by Mark Hurd, BBA ’79, President and Board Member of Oracle Corp., who delivered the keynote address on “Big Data in a Shrinking World.” The forum, in its eighth year, is sponsored by Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business and the McBride Center for International Business.

Farm-To-Table Commerce
The Home Grown Farm compares its customers' buying experience to that of, but they log in to add fresh efts or field-ready kale to their baskets.

A Golden Opportunity
While we are witnessing the increased wealth in China and up-and-coming India, post-Apartheid Africa is where business opportunity is among the hottest in the world.

LISTEN: Pray! Think! Do!
[1/12/2014] Blog post about a Christian life three-point plan cites a Baylor study that showed that successful entrepreneurs tend to pray and meditate at a higher rate than others. The Baylor researchers were Mitchell J. Neubert, Ph.D., associate professor and Chavanne Chair of Christian Ethics in Business in the Hankamer School of Business; Kevin Dougherty, Ph.D., associate professor sociology in Baylor's College of Arts & Sciences; Jerry Z. Park, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology; and Jenna Griebel, doctoral candidate in sociology.

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