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Time and Quality
Jason MacGregor took a closer look at the effect filing times have on the quality of audits. What he found is a bit counter intuitive.

Blowing the Whistle
It was an early fascination with the Enron scandal that sparked Amy Miller’s research on how likely someone will blow the whistle on someone else’s wrongdoing.

Reacting to Activists
How do activist organizations get companies to do what they want? What factors should a company take into consideration before responding to activists? Ted Waldron provides insights from his research on the topic.

New Beginnings
New business ideas are being pitched in an unconventional setting that may come as a surprise to some. MBA students are going to jail to help inmates develop business plans.

The Colorful Language of Finance
More than most disciplines, the world of finance operates using a core of playful language. The industry’s terminology conveys the imagination required to address the financial challenges of daily life.

What Gets Measured, Gets Done
There’s been a disconnect between job performance evaluations and what firms want employees to achieve. An organization’s evaluation system impacts their workers’ behavior.

Investing in People
There are hundreds of “angel groups” across the U.S. and around the world. What are they looking for when considering where to invest?

Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?
Wall Street Journal This Morning: AUDIO: Hosts of the radio program, Wall Street Journal This Morning, discuss the Yahoo! Tech column by James Roberts, The Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing at Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, that walks readers through the six signs of smartphone addiction. At the end of the column, readers are asked to consider 12 statements to gauge whether they’ve reached (or surpassed) the “tipping point” of smartphone addiction. Roberts is widely recognized for his research on consumerism and cellphone addiction.

Clarity of Purpose
Entrepreneur Kevin Rustagi says the people who survive, even thrive, in the start-up world, all tend to be “hard-wired” the same. He says gritty people have deeply thought out, long-term goals and a “stick-to-it-ive-ness.”

True Grit
How do certain people achieve such great things? What really separates people who really seem to have an almost other-worldly level of commitment to their ideas? Entrepreneur Kevin Rustagi says some people have a kind of “energy about them” to create new things… and a lot of staying power has to do with grit.

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