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Living Small
Business Review Podcast: Sleek, high tech and affordable micro housing in downtown metro areas is poised to disrupt the urban housing market, which hasn't seen change in over 150 years.

Hiding in Plain Sight
Business Review Podcast: Asking "why" can uncover new industries right under your nose, and also be the key to innovation and success.

Benefits of Mutual Respect
Business Review Podcast: From the warehouse to the C-suite, seeing all employees as valuable and deserving of respect builds trust, and positively impacts customer service too. For one startup's CEO, investing in the company's employees has lead to ingenious benefits.

Is Cell Phone Addiction Real?
Inside Higher Ed: This page links to a podcast from Academic Minute in which professor of Marketing, James A. Roberts, is interviewed about his study on cellphone addiction.

The Right Thing to Do
Business Review Podcast: Patrick Gage, co-chair of the Nexus Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Working Group, says businesses have a moral imperative to see employees as more than a commodity sourced at cheap cost. He knows firsthand the rewards of due diligence in supply chain transparency.

Using Buying Power for Good
Business Review Podcast: Patrick Gage, co-chair of the Nexus Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Working Group, encourages consumers to use their buying power to prompt good habits in the corporate community.

Tapping the Power of Story
Business Review Podcast: Luke Sherwin, co-founder and chief creative officer of online mattress startup, Caspar, knows genuine stories build a strong bond of trust with customers.

Experience-Driven Marketing
Business Review Podcast: “Word of mouth with a modern twist.” That’s how Luke Sherwin, co-founder and chief creative officer of the mattress startup, Caspar, describes the company’s foundation for marketing.

You Can Now Get Your Haircut to Go with Mobile Barbershops
KWBU-FM (Waco/NPR): Marlene Reed, D.B.A., senior lecturer in entrepreneurship in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, is interviewed for this local story on mobile businesses, such as food trucks or barber shops, in which people are willing to pay extra for something that’s quick, convenient and personalized. “People have become so busy, time is probably the most scarce of all of our resources, maybe even more so than money for many people, and they want someone to come do something for them on their premises or at work,” she said.

Franklin Says What?!
One of the most common misquotes attributed to Benjamin Franklin is “A penny saved is a penny earned.” It’s close, but it’s not Franklin. Franklin is best known as one of the foremost founders of a new nation. He helped define the American spirit through his wit and wisdom. Nationally recognized scholar on his business practices, Dr. Blaine McCormick, says Franklin is often misquoted.

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