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Motivated to Change: Implications of the Global Analyst Research Settlement
Innovative Business at Baylor: Mike Stegemoller, associate professor and chair of the department of Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, researches if the investment banks who were heavily fined in the 2003 Global Analyst Research Settlement, which caught these firms "pumping and dumping" their own investments, still show a prevalence of bias as opposed to firms who were not forced to pay a settlement.

New Strategies for Retirement Highlighted
Financial Advisor: Professor of finance, William Reichenstein, is referenced in this article about speaker topics at the eighth annual Inside Retirement conference for financial advisers, where he recommended some ways advisers could help their clients more in regards to Social Security and retirement account withdrawal strategies.

Update: How to Earn More on Your Emergency Savings
Morningstar: Professor of finance, William Reichenstein, discusses how a high-grade, short-term bond fund can help investors earn more in an emergency savings account.

Some Older Parents Are Missing Out on This Social Security Perk
TIME: Quoted in this article is William Reichenstein, The Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management, as a Social Security expert explaining retirement benefits for parents whose children are still in high school.

An Alternative Investment for Your Emergency Savings Account
The Wall Street Journal: Authored by William Reichenstein, professor of finance, this article discusses the benefits of an emergency investment fund and the research he co-authored on this subject with the Dean of the Hankamer School of Business, Terry Maness.

Ask the Experts: James A. Roberts
Wallet Hub: This page reviews credit cards and includes an "Ask the Experts" section that features the Q&A advice of professor of marketing, James Roberts.

How Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Affects Households
The Wall Street Journal: Professor of finance, William Reichenstein, is quoted in this piece about the president's recent tax plan announcement.

Q&A: Does $0 Income Later Mean I Should Take Social Security Early?
USA Today: Professor of finance, William Reichenstein, is quoted in this advice column piece about retirement timing and when to draw Social Security earnings.

How To Beat The Conventional Wisdom: Part 1
Financial Advisor Magazine: This piece written for retirees about a strategy for tax-efficient withdrawals is co-authored by Baylor Business’ William Reichenstein, the Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management.

Stock Prices that Go Public Together, Move Together
Innovative Business at Baylor: Shane Underwood, associate professor in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate Department, researches the factors that influence the stock prices of firms with the same underwriters.

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