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Baylor Angel Network Reports Record-Breaking Year
Baylor Angel Network (BAN) members invested more than $3 million in 12 companies in 2014, more than twice the amount invested in 2013.

Student-managed Investment Fund Provides Scholarships
For the 11th consecutive year, the student-managed Philip M. Dorr Alumni & Friends Endowed Investment Fund has provided a generous financial contribution for student scholarships. This year, $150,000 will be distributed by the fund.

Hankamer Student Awarded Prestigious Scholarship
Senior Emily McWhirter, a human resource management major, is the recipient of a Society for Human Resource Management Foundation’s student scholarship award. SHRM confers only five undergraduate education awards each year.

Why you should take the Practicum in Portfolio Management
Thinking about taking the Practicum in Portfolio Management course? Danny Huizinga, editor-in-chief of the Baylor Business Fellows Newsletter, discusses his experience in this article.

Baylor Professor’s New Research Geared to Keep Women from Fleeing IT Profession
For years, employers and experts have been trying to reverse the exodus of women from information technology positions. They're failing.

Retirement Planning and Social Security Claims for the Non-Traditional
The decision on how and when to claim Social Security benefits is a large financial decision in a person’s life. Many claimants are uninformed, and therefore, aren’t making the best financial decision for his or her family. Finance Professor and Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management William Reichenstein decided to lend his expertise and help those maneuvering the complexities of retirement planning.

The Influence of Professional Skepticism
Professional skepticism is a foundational concept for auditors. A job well done hinges on exhibiting appropriate levels of professional skepticism, which includes a questioning mind, a critical assessment of evidence, and an alertness to the potential for accounting mistakes. Some large financial scandals may have been prevented if an auditor had shown more professional skepticism.

Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business Earns Six MarCom Awards for Communications & Marketing Materials
Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business earned six MarCom Awards for its communications and marketing materials. The awards included three gold awards and three platinum awards.

Business Students to Share New Foster Campus Media Tour in Real Time on Social Media
Three students from the Hankamer School of Business will join regional television and newspaper journalists as they get an inside look at the new Paul L. Foster Campus for Business & Innovation on Friday, Nov. 21, at 10 a.m.

Student Research Team Studies the Conflicts of Information Technology Consumerization
What started out as a class paper quickly progressed into a compelling study, when Hope Koch's doctoral students analyzed data she and Lt. Col. Pat Curry collected about information technology (IT) consumerization.

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