Nonprofit Technology Collaboration

The Nonprofit Technology Collaboration would like to acknowledge the contributions of students and staff who have donated their time and IT knowledge to improve the state of technology in Waco based nonprofit organizations


  • Gina Green
    Associate Professor, MIS
    MIS Department Collaboration Coordinator
  • Erica Ancira
    Visiting Lecturer and Technology Consultant
    Collaboration Technology and Nonprofit Consultant
  • Nicole Wynter
    Director of Grants and Capacity Building
    Waco Foundation Collaboration Coordinator

Student and Staff Contributors


  • Kimball, Doug
    MIS Intern, BBA '12


  • Cummings, Mark
    MIS Intern, BBA '13
  • Garrett, Sue
    Senior Web Developer/Analyst
  • Hurtt, Lindsey
    Content Reviewer, BBA '12
  • Ricks, Monica
    MIS Intern, BBA '14
  • Sampson, Ericson
    MIS Intern, BBA '13
  • Smith, Lindsay
    MIS Intern, BBA '13
  • Villapana, Nicolas
    MIS Intern, BBA, '12


  • Battershell, Garrett
    MIS Intern, BBA '13
  • Huang, Yujing
    MIS Intern, MS/IS '13
  • McCall, Seth
    Web and Digital Communications
  • Ricks, Monica
    MIS Intern, BBA '14
  • Smith, Lindsay
    MIS Intern, BBA '13


  • Kang, Wendi
    MIS Intern, BBA '15
  • Liang, Melody
    MIS Intern, BBA '15
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