Case Competitions

Baylor Business MBA


Big 12 MBA Case Competition - 1st Place

March/April 2016 - Baylor earned 1st place at the annual Big 12 Case Competition, held at the University of Oklahoma in early April.

Case Comp Team - Big 12

Heidi Davis (best Q&A), David Sullivan (best Presenter), Erick Huntley, and Jeremy Klutts

Illinois MBA Strategy
Case Competition

February 2016 - Baylor competed at the annual Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition in Champaign, IL.

Case Comp Team - SP16

Cheri Adam, Jeremy Klutts, Erick Huntley, Heidi Davis

Health Administration
Case Competition

February 2016 - Baylor competed at the 10th annual UAB Health Administration Case Competition, which is designed to be a capstone experience providing graduate students from CAHME-accredited programs from across the U.S. and Canada an opportunity to put what they have learned into practice with a real-life, real-time case. Case Team HCA FA SP16

Mike Siegel, Joey Rogan and Anisha Bali

The Ohio State University Healthcare Case Competition

March/April 2016 - Baylor competed at the annual Ohio State case competition for first year graduate students from CAHME-accredited health administration programs.

Case Team HCS SP16

Jenn Odekon, Luke Smith, and Courtni Bauer

Katz Invitational Case Competition - 3rd Place

January 2016 - Baylor won third place at the Katz Invitational Case Competition, featuring a multi-dimensional case that focuses on a current issue in the energy industry. MBA Heidi Davis also won Best Overall Q&A.

Case Comp Team - SP16 Katz

Heidi Davis, David Sullivan, Erick Huntley, Cheri Adam

Baylor MBA Case Competition in Ethical Leadership - 1st Place

November 2015 - Baylor won 1st place at the 9th annual Baylor MBA Case Competition at the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor. Kyle Unruh was recognized for Best Q&A.

Case Team Ethics FA15

J.D. Newman, Kyle Unruh, Zach Ledford, and Heidi Davis

Baylor Case Competition in Healthcare Management - 3rd Place

October 2015 - The Robbins Institute hosted a national case competition in healthcare management at Baylor. Graduate healthcare programs from across the nation competed, including:

  • Baylor University
  • George Washington University
  • Trinity University
  • University of Alabama-Birmingham
  • University of California-Los Angeles
  • University of Colorado-Denver
  • University of Michigan
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Xavier University

Case Team Healthcare FA15

Michael Siegel, Alisha Bali, and Joey Rogan


Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition - 1st Place

February 2015 - Baylor earned 1st place at the Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition held in Champaign, IL. Lauren Moser earned Best Presenter and Best Q&A.

Case Comp Team - 2015

Minh Le, Monica Pantea, Lauren Moser, Joe Gastler

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