Baylor Business MBA

Application Process

Applicants complete one application for both programs. Your transcripts and letters of recommendation can be used for both applications.

Length of MBA/MSIS Program

The joint degree program can be completed in 24 months; however, most students will complete both programs in 2.5 years. If you do not have an undergraduate degree in business, you will begin your coursework with the Business Foundations.

Each student can choose their own order of courses. Since all of the coursework is delivered in the Business School, you will take MBA and MSIS courses simultaneously.

Grades for both MBA and MSIS courses are combined for a total GPA.

Scholarship Opportunities

Both programs are part of the Business School, but the criteria for admission and scholarship varies for each graduate business program. If both applications are approved at the same time, any offer for a scholarship will likely apply to both programs. However, it is possible to get accepted and to receive a scholarship offer for one program and not the other.

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