Tuition and Fees

Baylor Business MBA

Rates for 2017-18

Tuition and Fees
Flat Tuition Rate (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018) Flat tuition rate for one semester of MBA classes $19,805
General Student Fee (per semester) Covers the costs of building upkeep, library resources, technology equipment, and allows students to access the Student Life Center, athletic events and concert and theatre productions. $2,090
Graduate Program Fee (per semester)Covers the cost of MBA program activities $200
Hourly Tuition Rate (Summer 2017) The hourly tuition cost for 12 credit hours in summer 2017 (MBA Business Foundation classes) is $1,237 x 12 = $14,844 $1,237 per credit hour
Estimated Tuition & General Student Fees per semester (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018) $22,095

Other Expenses

Variable Expenses
Two MBA Career Development Courses $1,000 per course
Lab Fees (charged for some graduate business courses) $50 per course
Books (yearly estimate) $1,300

For more information about fees charged by the University, visit the financial webpage for graduate students at Graduate Financial Information.

For more information about veteran benefits, visit The Office of the Registrar, Student Financial Services Office, Veteran Services Division.

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