Integrated Management Seminar

Baylor Business MBA

New to Business Education?

If you do not have an undergraduate degree in business, you start Baylor's MBA program by taking a specific set of classes called Integrated Management Seminar (IMS). Topics in IMS include:

  • financial analysis and accounting information
  • macroeconomic concepts
  • statistical data analysis
  • mathematical models

Students take IMS in their first semester, earning 12 hours of academic credit. Classes in IMS include Accounting, Math for Decision Making, Macroeconomics, Finance and Business Law. This coursework prepares students who are not familiar with the business concepts described above to be successful in the core curriculum.

IMS is offered in the summer and fall semesters, so you can choose to enter Baylor's MBA program in either June or August. Healthcare students must take IMS in the summer.

Already Have a Business Degree?

You are not required to take IMS. Start your MBA degree by taking the core courses in either the fall or spring semesters. Healthcare students must start in the fall.

No time will be spent in the core courses on reviewing fundamental business concepts. Some MBA candidates with business undergraduate degrees choose to take IMS in order to facilitate a smooth transition into the core curriculum.

Impact of IMS on the Degree Plan

Students who take IMS will complete the standard MBA degree in 21 months, which is a traditional two-year, full-time MBA program. Healthcare students complete their degree in 24 months, because of the extended residency requirement. Joint degree students will spend three semesters in the Business School, one semester in IMS courses and two semesters in the MBA core courses.

If you do not take IMS, your program is one semester shorter - 16 months for the standard MBA program, 21 months for the healthcare specialization, or 10 months for joint degree programs.

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