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Media Business Major


Why should I consider a major in Media Business?

Media Business in a joint degree program between the Marketing Department in the Hankamer School of Business and the Film and Digital Media/ Communications Department in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students earn a bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree by taking the Business Core, Marketing (MKT), and Film and Digital Media (FDM) courses.

The curriculum is designed for students who want to develop a skill and understanding of media usage along with a strong business and marketing foundation. This combination would prepare students for careers in media, advertising, branding, and media-related sales. The Media Business major would be excellent in combination with other majors or tracks in the Marketing Department.

Degree Plan

I. BBA Core
Complete the BBA Core
II. Telecommunications Courses 18 hours
FDM 1304 - Visual Literacy: Sight Sound Motion
FDM 2360 - Production Methods
FDM 3320 - Business of Media
FDM 3321 - Media Programming
FDM 4331 - Diffusion of Innovations
III. Marketing Courses 9 hours
MKT 3320 - Advertising Procedures
MKT 3325 - Consumer Behavior
MKT 4330 - Marketing Analysis
24 hours + Core

Additional Information

For more information regarding the Media Business major, please contact Dr. Chris Pullig in the Marketing department, or Dr. Daniel Shafer in the Film and Digital Media deparment.

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