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Who Should Major in Non-profit Marketing?

If you have a passion for a cause or mission, majoring in Non-profit Marketing may be a smart decision.

Non-Profit Marketing is a specialized track that will prepare you to lead non-profit organizations and for-profit social enterprise initiatives. Students are challenged to work with local non-profits and large organizations to use their business skills to help find solutions to pressing societal issues.

Graduates from this program finish with a marketing major and the recognition that they are prepared for a career in leadership positions in non-profits and marketing organizations focused on social enterprise. The Non-profit Marketing track will prepare you to work in either the private or nonprofit sector with a special emphasis on raising resources for nonprofit organizations.

Non-profit Degree Plan

I. University/BBA Core --
II. MKT Major Required Courses 9 hours
MKT 3325 - Consumer Behavior
MKT 3330 - Marketing Research
III. Nonprofit Track Required Courses 15 hours
MKT 3310 - Professional Selling and Communication for Nonprofit Organizations
MKT 3340 - Nonprofit Marketing
MIS 3550 - Stakeholder Data Management for Nonprofit Organization

MKT 3320 - Advertising Procedures or
MKT 4340 - Strategic Brand Management
MKT 4398 or MKT 4395 - Directed Studies in Nonprofit Marketing or Internship in a Nonprofit Organization
Core + 24 hours
Border Title