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Ten Necessary Conditions to Highly Effective Personal Selling
Charles Fifield, MBA
Productivity, as it applies to sales organizations, is not uniformly defined. Simply put, productivity is maximizing sales results (output) by minimizing resources expended...

Necessary Condition #10 - The Right Commitment
Charles Fifield, MBA
As the sales process has gradually evolved from a transaction-driven model to a relationship-driven and collaborative approach, the underlying methods driving...

Necessary Condition #9 - The Right Metrics
Charles Fifield, MBA
Many sales organizations focus on measuring or tracking outputs or results with less emphasis on inputs, which is akin to telling a football team to stop the opponent from...

Necessary Condition #8 - The Right Outcome
Charles Fifield, MBA
Both buyers and sellers desire win-win outcomes; however, most salespeople have a natural bent toward win-lose thinking. Our culture has too often indoctrinated...

Necessary Condition #7 - The Right Approach Method
Charles Fifield, MBA
What is the right approach method for the professional salesperson to lead a buyer-seller interaction and achieve effective, efficient and consistent sales results? The pragmatist...

Necessary Condition #6 - The Right Approach Plan of Action
Charles Fifield, MBA
Whether it is the first or a subsequent meeting, salespeople must have a clear understanding of their call objectives and how they plan to achieve their desired...

Effective Information Management - Key Lever to Realizing Gains
William A. Weeks, DBA and Charles Fifield, MBA
In today's fast-paced, competitive marketplace, effective information management is arguably the most powerful non-employee lever to trigger sales productivity and...

Necessary Condition #5 - The Right Approach Priorities
Charles Fifield, MBA
When a salesperson commences a face-to-face sales interaction, certain call priorities must be the central focus of the early interpersonal exchange. First, the salesperson...

Necessary Condition #4 - The Right Prospects
Charles Fifield, Senior Lecturer and Baylor Sales Coach
To increase sales productivity, salespersons' interacting with the right prospects is an essential core competency to success. The inability or unwillingness to effectively...

Necessary Condition #3 - The Right Day-to-Day Operational Focus
Charles Fifield, Senior Lecturer and Baylor Sales Coach
The sales function has probably the greatest single operating impact on the financial results of business. What business needs is a salesforce driven by productivity...

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