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Do Past Preferences Indicate Future Selections?

INSIDER: Fearless Public Speaking

INSIDER: Shiftability

Are Clients Persuaded by Boastful Agents?
Grant Packard, PhD, Andrew D. Gershoff, PhD, and David B. Wooten, PhD

Boasting by real estate agents can produce negative and positive reactions from their clients. However, boasting combined with a strategy to develop trust can be advantageous to a real estate agent

Getting into the Business of Your Buyer's Success
Charles Fifield, MBA

A basic objective to any selling engagement should be the buyer’s success, however that may be defined by the buyer

INSIDER: If the Point of Selling Isn't Selling, then What's the Point?
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate

Salespeople will be more successful when they understand that the point of selling isn't selling. A salesperson's job is to help his or her customer make a better buying decision

INSIDER: Sales Growth
Erick Huntley, MBA

In their new book, Sales Growth, authors Baumgartner, Hatami, and Valdivieso lead the reader through a series of strategies designed to help sales executives and their organizations continue to grow in a continuously changing world

Is the Customer Really King?
Christopher R. Plouffe, PhD, Willy Bolander, PhD, Joseph A. Cote, PhD, and Bryan Hochstein, PhD

The modern real estate agent's business relationships today transcend obvious interactions with customers and now also include the internal business team and external business partners. The successful agent must skillfully manage these three relationships to complete the transaction

Shaping Homeowner Pricing Decisions
Katherine E. Loveland, PhD, Naomi Mandel, PhD, and Utpal M. Dholakia, PhD

During the housing crisis, many homeowners continued to ask unreasonably high prices for their homes. This reluctance to lower asking prices created an excess supply of more than 6 million homes

Don't Overcomplicate -- Adapt and Simplify
Sven Mikolon, PhD, Anika Kolberg, PhD, Till Haumann, PhD, and Jan Wieseke, PhD

Professional services sales encounters are a two-way street between the client and the service provider. Such encounters require input from both parties to mutually find the best fitting professional service for the client

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