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Creating High-Performance Sales Organizations through Sales Control Systems
Paolo Guenzi, PhD, Artur Baldauf, PhD, and Nikolaos G. Panagopoulos, PhD

Recent academic research shows that two types of salesperson or agent behaviors play important roles in creating successful sales organizations. The question motivating our research is: what can the people who lead sales groups do to further encourage these behaviors?

Simplification: A Catalyst for Employee Engagement and Operational Excellence
David Eskew, MBA Candidate, Lauren Moser, MBA/MDiv Candidate, Josh Arnold, JD/MBA Candidate, Troy Baker, MBA Candidate, and Russell Webb, MBA Candidate
Complexity threatens organizational competitiveness. Nearly 70% of executives attribute rising costs to excessive complexity, and many firms are aggressively combating complexity...

Advice to New Real Estate Agents: "Be Proactive"
Michael L. Mallin, PhD

Sales managers have a vested interest in hiring, developing, and retaining sales professionals who have a propensity to be proactive since research shows proactive behaviors among salespeople as a key factor in generating higher levels of sales performance.

Attracting and Keeping New Agents from the Millennial Generation
Kirk Wakefield, PhD
Companies spend over $3,300 per hire on recruiting and the cost of not recruiting well results in poor performance, dissatisfied employees and high turnover. Little research has addressed sales force recruiting at this stage of career and the motivations of a millennial salesforce in their job searches.

Are Salespeople Born or Made?
James M. Loveland, PhD, John W. Lounsbury, PhD, Soo-Hee Park, PhD, and Donald A. Jackson, PhD

When it comes to the art of selling, there are two sharply opposed views: some view salespeople as individuals who are born with the "right" attributes, who can easily sell different products and move from firm to firm with little difficulty, no matter what is being sold.

Peer-Based Learning and its Implications for the Real Estate Market
Tat Y. Chan, PhD, Jia Li, PhD, and Lamar Pierce, PhD

When entering the work force, new employees face a learning curve associated with their new positions. Real estate agents face the task of establishing themselves as a credible assets in the community and understanding the dynamics of working with clients.

Can Big Data Bridge the Gap between Sales and Marketing?
Morris George, PhD
With the advancement in storage technology and the rise of Internet and social media, more and more information is becoming readily available to both customers and agencies. Today, customers are able to get almost all the information they need to make a purchase decision through websites both of the focal company and their competitors, feedback and ratings of other customers and users, through blogs, online product reviews and social media...

The Power of Storytelling
David A. Gilliam, PhD and Alex R. Zablah, PhD
Salespeople constantly seek ways to communicate persuasively. Storytelling is a type of communication that you and I use every day. It is so common you may not even think about it when telling or hearing a story. Stories are such an important part of the fabric of human communications that failing to use them effectively in sales can be a serious handicap...

Competitiveness, Coachability, and Context as Key Determinants of Sales Performance
Kirby L.J. Shannahan, PhD, Rachelle J. Shannahan, PhD, and Alan J. Bush, PhD
The real estate industry is fiercely competitive. Since the 1990s it has not only been a competition between individual agents but one between agents and realtor teams...

Attracting Talent from University Sales Programs to Grow Your Real Estate Agency
Andrea L. Dixon, PhD, Raj Agnihotri, PhD, Leff Bonney, PhD, Robert Erffmeyer, PhD, Ellen Bolman Pullins, PhD, Jane Z. Sojka, PhD and Vicki West, MBA
When looking to add new agents to your agency, finding individuals who can add value immediately is important. Additionally, finding the right person who will fit your job and your agency will increase the probability of...

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