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Financial Planning Courses


FIN 3301—Personal Finance
Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of C in ACC 2303 (This course will not count for the B.A. in Business or B.B.A. degrees if taken concurrently with, or after completing, BUS 3302 or FIN 3367.)
A study of personal financial decisions that individuals must make in today’s world.  Topics include budgeting and household liquidity; personal income taxes; charge accounts, credit cards, and consumer loans; personal insurance including life, health and disability, homeowners, and auto; investments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and tangible assets; buying and financing homes, automobiles, and other consumer durables; and wills, trusts, and estate planning.

FIN 3367 Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
Prerequisite(s): FIN 3310.
An introductory study of personal financial planning for the Financial Planning (FP) major.  Topics include insurance, investments, taxation, retirement planning, and estate planning.  This course is the first course in the FP major.  The course emphasizes the rigor of personal financial planning and is designed to give potential FP majors an understanding of the degree of technical knowledge and expertise required of professional personal financial planners.  Some case analysis is required to demonstrate practical applications of course concepts.

4367 Seminar in Personal Financial Planning
Prerequisite(s): ACC 4377, FIN 4365, FIN 3367, and FIN 4310; not open to pre-business students.
Capstone course for the Financial Planning major.  The student will be required to apply a knowledge of investments, insurance, taxation, retirement benefits, and estate planning through case analysis.  Actual financial plans will be constructed, and students will gain experience in financial consulting.  This course will prove beneficial to students desiring to obtain the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) or ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) designation.

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