Student Resources

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship

Program Resources

  • Scholarships
    Scholarships available to Baylor University students pursuing a major or minor in entrepreneurship.
  • Living and Learning
    The Baylor Entrepreneurship program is aware that education doesn't just occur inside the classroom. The following programs offer unique opportunities to continue learning outside the classroom.
  • Study Abroad
    The Baylor Entrepreneurship Program places a special emphasis on international opportunities for students to gain a global understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • Undergraduate Advisement
    Advising resources for undergraduate Entrepreneurship students

General Resources

Student Organizations

  • Baylor Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO)

Career Development

Resources devoted to job and internship placement

  • Entrepreneurship Internship Program
    The Entrepreneurship Internship Program is a mutually beneficial program pairing Baylor entrepreneurship students and companies with business needs.
  • Mentor Program
    The Entrepreneurship Mentor Program seeks to connect undergraduate Baylor students who are aspiring entrepreneurs, with successful experienced entrepreneurs. The purpose of the program is to enhance the academic, business, networking and leadership capabilities of Baylor students who participate in the program.
  • Entrepreneurship Student Competitions
    Baylor Entrepreneurship hosts multiple competitions a year that cater to entrepreneurial-minded students interested in applying their skills outside the classroom.

Job Opportunities

  • Crossworld
    Crossworld is always looking for groundbreakers to undertake new, creative, disciple-making initiatives around the world.
  • Devex
    Devex is the media platform for the global development community.
  • Business as Mission
    Business as Mission is a Christian network of global partners seeking to collaborate and share resources.

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