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2016 EBS Application

European Business Seminar

The 2016 application is now ready and downloadable at the link below.

Download a printable copy of the 2016 EBS application.

There are various scholarships to help pay for study abroad -- and a listing of these are found at www.baylor.edu/study_abroad/index.php?id=48457. When applying, look carefully at the requirements and deadlines associated with each scholarship.

Registration Procedures

Completed registration forms should be returned to Professor Easley for processing as early as possible since program capacity is limited. Please follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Read the relevant materials carefully.
  2. Complete and sign the application.
  3. Retain a copy of your application for your records (we will make a photocopy for you in the Marketing Department when you turn it in).
  4. Give the completed application and a check or money order for your deposits made out to Baylor University and give to Professor Easley, Department of Marketing, or Amy Williams, Department of Marketing, Baylor University.


Baylor University Credit

Note that, due to significantly increasing demand for the European Business Seminar, we will honor course requests by order of paid applications to the program, with earlier enrollees getting preference on classes desired. 

Participants in the European Business Seminar will enroll at Baylor for 6 hours of credit. Note that Baylor discounts summer tuition. There are a number of options for the two courses for the program. Please check with Professor Easley for details.

NOTE: that Professor Easley will work with you to find the best way for these classes to work for you in your particular degree program.

Seminar Prices

The below prices are the prices for the upocming 2016 summer program.

All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars. The exact seminar price listed for 2016 will be guaranteed, if full payment is received by the due dates. If not paid by the dues dates, prices are subject to adjustment according to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Timely payments are necessary to permit the payment of financial obligations in Europe for the seminar. The applicant agrees to pay the below fees as follows for this preliminary application to the program.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 (unless you are not admitted to the program, in which case your deposit will be refunded).

You are welcome to also pay for your airfare at this time and you can also pay for the total program cost at this time, too.

Note: Registration fees for the two three-hour courses for the seminar (Baylor University course credit) will not be billed until May of 2016 by Baylor. We will meet prior to that time to determine the best courses for you specifically for the program.

Payment Schedule

Item Amount Comments/Dates
Program Deposit $500 Due with application
Prepaid Airfare (can pay anytime prior to or by 2/28/16) $1665 Due 2/28/2016 - This is for the group round-trip fare only to/from Houston. If you prefer custom departure or return dates/cities, you can work directly with our program partner, and they can also quote  you fares for your family if desired. Please contact Dr. Easley at 254-723-1673 for more information.
1st Program Payment $3243 Due 2/28/2016 - There is some flexibility on this date if needed, but you must make arrangements with Dr. Easley
2nd Program Payment $3243 Due 3/31/2016 - There is some flexibility on this date if needed, but you must make arrangements with Dr. Easley
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