Dallas EMBA

Dr. Carlos Ramirez

Executive MBA Program - Dallas

Baylor EMBA Healthcare Class of 2014
Chief Medical Officer, Valley Baptist Health Plans

"Expanding His Expertise"

Student Profile - Ramirez (LG)

Carlos Ramirez is an expert in the field of medicine. As an emergency room doctor, he knows the ins and outs of the procedures, but when he stepped out of the emergency room and into the board room he was in unfamiliar territory. “As physicians, we do not know how to analyze business issues; we have only been trained to treat patients not to relate with sales people, administration, and hospital budgets.” Carlos decided that he needed that business background to really understand what was happening outside of the medicine at the hospital and enrolled in the Baylor Executive MBA in Healthcare Program. “Even after one semester, the program has had a huge impact on my practices. Sitting in meetings I have had a totally different approach, I understand what the VP's are discussing and how the financials affect and integrate into the practice. I am happy because every time I come to class, there is something that is practical for my daily life.”

Carlos also another challenge beside balances 12 hours shifts, family and school work. He commutes from Mission, TX. Carlos admits that the commute would be much more difficult without the help from his classmates and professors, “My classmates have been very flexible and accommodating to my schedule. We Skype, text, call and the professors are accessible and respond quickly. During the flight every other week, another classmate and I study and review one another, so we can be as efficient as possible with our time.”

Carlos biggest take away is that he wasn't always going to be the person with the highest grade in every class, “I had to realize that I had never been exposed to business principals before and there were going to be other people in the class that could digest the issues more quickly, but because of the team approach, and the commitment to build leaders, I am still getting juice out of every single class and don't feel left behind.”

“We get a lot of support from one another, which is different than other, more competitive programs. We have competitive people but they are also there to contribute to others and make everyone better.”

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