Dallas EMBA


Executive MBA Program - Dallas

The Baylor Executive MBA Program in Dallas is structured in a cohort, lockstep format that offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to expand your strategic vision and leadership skill set.

Semester 1 Courses (Fall)
In-Residence I: Managing in the 21st Century
Week-long program held in Waco
Management of Organizational Behavior
Evidence Based Decision Making
Microeconomic Theory and Business Decisions
Semester 2 Courses (Spring)
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Financial Accounting
Financial Decision Making
In Residence II: International Business and Public Policy
5-Day seminar held in Washington, D.C.
Semester 3 Courses (Summer)
Managing Value Creation
Private Equity Investing
Business Law: Application and Strategy
Semester 4 Courses (Fall)
Seminar in Marketing Strategy
Managerial Accounting
Manufacturing and Service Operations
Semester 5 Courses (Spring)
Global and Strategic Management I
In-Residence III: Global and Strategic Management II
10-Day International Trip
Human Resource Management
Contemporary Business Issues
Aligning IT Business Enterprises
Key Global and Economic Strategic Issuses
Border Title