Technology Center


Baylor Business Technology Center

Since Mr. and Mrs. Carl Casey generously provided the original equipment in 1962, the Casey Computer Center has provided excellent service and state-of-the-art equipment for students, faculty and staff in the Hankamer School of Business. To provide the best service to all of its users, the Center functions as a separate department, reporting directly to Dean Terry Maness.

Among the resources the Center currently provides are two computer labs equipped with desktop PCs. The Advanced Technology Lab, located on the second floor of the Cashion Building, includes 96 computers, one third of which are replaced every summer to ensure students have access to the computing resources they need. The Lab provides scanning and video editing capabilities on specialized stations as well as three high speed monochrome laser printers and a color laser printer. The Lab also contains three small presentation rooms that can be reserved for students to work on group projects and to prepare for and enhance their presentations. To maximize productivity in these labs, Center personnel maintain many categories of software applications and constantly evaluate updated versions of existing programs and recent software innovations.

To enhance the classroom experience for both students and faculty, the Center has equipped every classroom in the School of Business with computers and projection equipment. The Center also provides support for specialized classrooms within the School of Business: the Southwest Securities Financial Markets Center, the CNL Real Estate Learning Lab, the Curb Marketing and Entertainment Learning Lab, the Information Technology Learning Lab and the Accounting Technology Teaching Lab. The Business Writing Lab, located on the fourth floor of the Cashion Building, houses 28 computers. While students enrolled in business writing classes have priority in using the computers, the lab is also used for a classroom setting during times of peak usage. Most of these rooms are equipped with projection systems, document cameras, DVD and VCR capabilities and is controlled with a networked AMX control system. All areas of the Business School have access to AirBear, the University wireless network, which allows students to use laptops and access the Internet and online Baylor resources during class sessions or while studying in one of several common areas. The Center also offers access to four videoconferencing systems throughout the School of Business.

While the Center is responsible for meeting the computer needs of the students, it also provides technology support for the faculty and staff. Each faculty/staff member has a PC or Macintosh computer connected to the University network. In addition, the Center staffs a Help Desk and a Graphics/ Desktop Publishing workstation and provides consultation for technology integration for teaching and research.

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