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Baylor Business in Europe

This is what students have to say about their experiences in the Baylor Business in Europe (which includes E3) Summer Study Abroad Program:

"Baylor's E3 trip was the highlight of my summer! I learned so much not only about international business and entrepreneurship, but also about how vast the world truly is. Dr. Reed and Dr. Palich did an excellent job in planning places and cities to visit!"

- Kelly Nine, senior, international studies major

"This program was a great opportunity to explore Europe and learn about becoming an entrepreneur internationally. The team was great and the leaders gave us freedom to do some exploring on our own but also made sure each person was having exciting and valuable experiences. My favorite places on the trip were Prague and Geneva, but each place was different and fun. Such a great experience overall and I would recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for a study abroad experience."

- Liz Johnson, senior, human resources management major

"Meeting with the Armenian rug dealer was an incredibly enriching experience. I went in to the meeting reluctant, but he completely blew away my expectations. He was full of business wisdom that went above and beyond the basics of importing rugs. His insights on prioritizing family, commitment to customer service, and the value of hard work were extremely relevant to us as future entrepreneurs.

Visiting Mont St. Michel and Saint Malo in Normandy, France provided a fun detour from the rest of the trip. Each city was filled with such history and scenery, and the new experiences provided great opportunities for the group to bond. Saint Malo had a beautiful beach, and everyone enjoyed having some time to play in the sun!"

- Kelly Driscoll, senior, entrepreneurship major

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