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This is what students have to say about their experiences in the Baylor Business in Europe Summer study abroad program:

"This is a once in a lifetime experience. This trip was eye-opening on so many levels. I was able to study abroad in several countries across Europe and still complete two courses. There is no other way I would have been able to do all of these things in such a short period of time."

- Sara Turbyfill, International Business / Entrepreneurship, '15

"I think the trip's activities were all enriching in a different way and that's what I wanted from this trip, so I am more than pleased. I had an amazing time and it is all that I can talk about since I have come home. I think I am starting to annoy people here but I don't care. This trip was amazing and they all need to know that."

- Matt Naden, Accounting, '15

"Baylor Business in Europe fulfilled all my dreams of Europe. I have seen great places - man made and God-made - and have met the most wonderful and inspiring people."

- Margaret Alba, Marketing, '15

"I felt like I traveled the world. I got to see and experience so much all within five weeks. I made some incredible friends on the trip and we made memories that will last a lifetime."

- Annie Routh, Business Fellows, '16

"Thank you so much for everything! I had the most amazing time. It was definintely an experience that I will cherish forever."

- Lauren Gute, Accounting, '15

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