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Every fall we seek at least six hard-working junior students (typically with GPA above 3.5) to serve a semester long apprenticeship, coordinating with the Senior BAN Analyst students to help run the program. The Junior Analysts will be required to assist the Senior Analysts and the Executive Director with daily operations, attend weekly staff meetings, the quarterly deal screening meeting and presentation meeting, and other assigned projects. In addition, the Junior Analysts need to take Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 4310) before entering their senior year. The main purpose of our apprentice program is to help the Junior Analysts transition smoothly into their positions as Senior Analysts. This is also an excellent opportunity to interact with well-respected investors and gain real-world business experience that will enhance your resume. Junior analysts will additionally receive one hour of course credit for the spring of their junior year.

It should be known that the selected junior students will be ensured analyst positions as seniors. As seniors, you will have the opportunity to gain six hours of course credit for the apprenticeship over a one-year commitment.

The responsibilities of BAN analysts include but are not limited to:

  • Participate in student-led discussion of the assigned readings.
  • Attend all screening meetings.
  • Attend and be available to help on all Entrepreneur Presentation Days.
  • Manage and conduct deal-screening processes.
  • Manage logistics for the Entrepreneur Presentation Days.
  • Either individually or with another analyst, observe the due diligence process for a prospective portfolio company.
  • Develop a personal mentoring relationship with two angel members.
  • Be active in the recruiting and on-boarding process for the next class of Analysts.

The Senior BAN Analysts typically host an Information Session and accept applications in early September of the Fall Semester. Students interested in the Baylor Angel Network should be on the lookout for flyers with more information and should plan to attend the Information Session. Students can also check Handshake for more details.

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