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Our goal is to give entrepreneurs the step-up they need to make their business successful. Angels don't want to only fill the financial gap necessary for a start-up, but they want to invest in people and their ideas as well. Angels can impart business advice, share personal experience and guide you along the way.

To receive funding for your business plan, you will need to create an account with ProSeeder.

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Please Note: BAN’s Next Application Deadline is August 25, 2017 at 11:59PM Central!

Please review the following prior to submitting:

  • Proven entrepreneurial team.
  • Seeking capital in one of the following ranges:
    • $100K to $1M in Series A Preferred Stock
    • $1M+ with lead investor and term sheet
  • Have a fully-developed product or service offering
  • Have a current sales & revenue stream
  • Pre-revenue considered if product is complete
  • Pre-money value less than $3M
  • Line of sight to profitability
  • Addressable market of $250M or greater
  • Anticipate no more than $3M in capital in 2 funding rounds

Please Note: BAN’s Next Application Deadline is August 25, 2017 at 11:59PM Central!

  1. Submit a contact form to the Baylor Angel network using the button above
  2. We will ask for the following:
    • An Angelsoft Deal Summary
    • An Executive Summary
    • A current business plan with financial data

At the close of the submission period, 10 deals will be selected for screening. At the end of the screening process, 4 deals will be selected to present to the Angel Network. This presentation allots 20 minutes to present the offering and 10 minutes of Q&A.

Following the presentation, the BAN members will choose the deals they wish to pursue and a teleconference will be scheduled with the business.

If the company has at least 100K in soft commitments, the Due Diligence process will begin. After completing due diligence, individual funding decisions are made by each member.

The due diligence process is used to verify the statements made in your business plan, presentation and financial projections.

An example of our due diligence checklist can be found here.

Steps in the process include:

  • An appointed angel sets up a conference call with investors and the entrepreneur
  • The BAN angels make a soft financial commitment
  • Quantitative analysis of the deal is performed (2-4 weeks)
  • Qualitative analysis of deal is performed (1-3 weeks)
  • Management team analysis is performed (2 weeks)
  • Final deep dive analysis is performed (2 weeks)
  • Term sheet negotiations begin (1-3 weeks)

Note: All times are estimates.

BAN doesn't usually make the following investments:

  • Debt. Convertible debt in first round.
  • Common stock
  • Proof of concept, product development, and pilot projects
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