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What is the Baylor Angel Network?

Baylor Angel Network

The Baylor Angel Network (BAN) is an investor network providing early stage capital to entrepreneurs with developed business plans.

BAN is part of Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business and operates at the discretion of Dr. Terry Maness, Dean of Hankamer School of Business.


The network is advised by a Board of Advisors and operated by an Operations Team of faculty, staff and students.

Since each angel agrees to contribute a portion of their profits, BAN provides a long-term revenue source for the Hankamer School of Business and Baylor University.


The BAN strives to:

  • Provide quality early-stage investment opportunities to members.
  • Assist, educate, and connect early-stage companies with information, advisors and capital to achieve profitable growth.
  • Offer a hands-on educational experience to students.
  • Serve as a student recruiting tool for the Hankamer School of Business.
  • Provide a networking opportunity for Baylor alumni with similar interests.
  • Serve as a revenue source for the Hankamer School of Business through the contribution of portions of member investment returns.

Student Involvement

Junior business students are recruited from the Hankamer School of Business to serve as analysts.

The analysts serve a one year term during their senior year and carry out the day-to-day operations of the network.

These highly-inspired and talented analysts receive a real-life education concerning the inner workings of angel investing.

Site Disclaimer

The Baylor Angel Network acts solely as a facilitator of the investment process by providing members with a method to view, analyze and monitor investment opportunities.

BAN does not provide members or others with investment advice and is not endorsing or offering prospective investment opportunities.

Members are solely responsible for the individual and independent investment decisions made both as to suitability and amount of any investment based on the member's assessment of the merits of the investment opportunity.

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