Accounting & Business Law

BBA Suggested Schedule

The following is a suggested schedule for students who wish to earn a BBA only in Accounting. If you wish to earn the joint BBA/MAcc or BBA/MTax, please see the suggested schedules associated with those degree plans.


Total 15 hours Total 16 hours
ENG 1302 3 hours ENG 1304 3 hours
MTH 1308 3 hours MTH 1309 3 hours
BUS 1301 3 hours Lab Science 4 hours
ISY 1305 3 hours Social Science 3 hours
ECO 1301 or HIS 1307 3 hours REL 1310 3 hours
Chapel   Chapel  


Total 16-17 hours Total 17-18 hours
REL 1350 3 hours Written/Oral Comm. 3-4 hours
Written/Oral Comm. 3-4 hours PSC 2302 3 hours
ACC 2303 3 hours ACC 2304 3 hours
ECO 2306 3 hours ECO 2307 3 hours
QBA 2302 3 hours QBA 2305 3 hours
HED 1145 1 hour Humanities 2 hours

**Apply to Business School. See Business Advisor.**


Total 15 hours Total 15 hours
ACC 3301 3 hours ACC 3302 3 hours
ACC 3303 3 hours ACC 3304 3 hours
BUS 3315 3 hours ACC 3310 3 hours
FIN 3310 3 hours CSS 1302 or equivalent 3 hours
MGT 3305 3 hours ISY 3305 3 hours


Total 6 hours Total 6 hours
MKT 3305 3 hours BL 3305 3 hours
MGT 3325 3 hours Written/Oral Communication 3 hours

*Summer school is not required, but is suggested for students who do not enter Baylor with credit for freshman-level classes. Note that any 12 non-accounting hours can be taken in summer school as long as the courses are offered.


Total 16 hours Total 16 hours
ACC 4330 3 hours BUS 4385 3 hours
ACC 4308 3 hours Electives 9 hours
ACC 4350 3 hours Humanities 3 hours
Electives 6 hours    
Personal Development 1 hour    

Upon the completion of this degree, students will have a total of 138-140 semester hours and 21 accounting hours (TSBPA does not include the Ethics course in the required acocunting hours). To be eligible to sit for the CPA exam, students must have a total of 150 hours and 30 accounting hours beyond the introductory courses. If desired, students may take three upper-level accounting classes as electives in the spring of their senior year to have enough accounting hours to sit for the exam. However, an additional 10-12 hours will still be required to sit for the CPA exam.

Students may wish to take an internship for credit during the Spring of their senior year. If so, only 9 total hours can be taken in the spring semester--one half of the semester is the internship for 3 hours and the other half will be comprised of two mini-term classes offered by the department of accounting and business law. Therefore, students will have to pick up additional hours in the summer to graduate.

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