Accounting & Business Law

Undergrad BL Course Descriptions

3305 Legal Environment of Business Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of C BUS 1301 and either a minimum grade of C in ACC 2303 or a minimum grade of C in ECO 2306.

A study of the legal environment including the nature and sources of law, court systems, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution; constitutional and administrative law, tort law and product liability, contract law, agency law; business organizations; business ethics and social responsibility; international law; and selected topics of government regulation of business including antitrust law, employment law, environment law, and securities regulation.

4303 Employment Law Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or consent of instructor.

A study of the legal and regulatory framework governing the employment relationships, with particular emphasis on employee selection discrimination, privacy rights, and termination. Students will examine the increasingly complex body of laws that challenge employers as they strive to maintain a productive and reliable workforce. The course will include topics such as employment contracts, equal opportunity law (discrimination sexual harassment, affirmative action), wrongful discharge, employee privacy, etc.

4310 Cyber Law Prerequisite(s): Upper-level standing or consent of instructor.

A study of legal issues relating to cyberspace and the management of technology. Students will examine emerging cyber law issues such as jurisdiction; ownership and protection of intellectual property; electronic commerce; regulation of privacy, security, and online speech; and computer crimes, as well as international law and ethical issues in this area. The course is designed to provide an active learning environment for business students to prepare them to effectively manage technological innovations.

4325 Legal Aspects of Financial & Commercial Transactions Prerequisite(s): BL 3305 or consent of instructor.

Legal issues encountered in conducting financial and commercial business transactions in business. Students will gain knowledge to prepare them to participate in these transactions, particularly with regard to financial and accounting aspects of the transactions. The course will include a study of laws relating to business organizations, sales, commercial paper, secured transactions, documents of title, bankruptcy, securities regulations, and accountants' legal liability.

4V98 Special Studies in Business Law Prerequisite(s): BL 3305 and permission of instructor.

May be taken for 3 hours credit and may be repeated under different topic.

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