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Accounting Intern Program
The program involves practical accounting work, under supervision, in an approved accounting, commercial, or industrial firm or in an approved not-for-profit entity. The employer agrees to provide, under appropriate supervision, a breadth of meaningful work assignments and to provide the chair of the accounting department with a certification of the number of hours worked and an evaluation of the intern’s work during the internship period. The intern is required to keep a brief daily log of his work assignments and submit this log at the end of the internship period to the Director of Accounting Internships. For more information, contact Mr. Anthony Herrera, Director of Accounting Internships.

What do Baylor students think about their internship experience?  Just read below and see.

aspitzer (90w x 91h, 9 KB) My internship helped me to pull together everything I had learned in my classes and apply it to real accounting situations.  The education I have received at Baylor gave me the confidence to interact with clients and customers and even complete parts of the audit on my own.  I developed a feel for the public accounting profession, and this experience affirmed my decision to become an accountant.
               -- Ashley Spitzer, Ernst & Young Intern '03


kcunningham (90w x 80h, 4 KB) I was treated like a full-time employee, not a temporary intern. My team respected my opinion and included me in any discussions pertaining to the client. Much of what I learned from my supervisors is now helping me in my remaining coursework.
               -- Katie Cunningham, KPMG Intern '03

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