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Motivated to Change: Implications of the Global Analyst Research Settlement

Innovative Business at Baylor: Mike Stegemoller, associate professor and chair of the department of Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, researches if the investment banks who were... More

People Who Are “Phone Snubbed” By Others Often Turn To Their Own Phones, Social Media For Acceptance, Baylor Study Finds

WACO, Texas (June 13, 2017) -- People who are phone snubbed -- or "phubbed" -- by others are, themselves, often turning to their smartphones and social media to find... More

Being the Outsider: A Study on Group Dynamics, Satisfaction and Effectiveness

Innovative Business at Baylor: Stacie Petter, associate professor of information systems, researches if team dynamics and a project's effectiveness is impacted by whether members... More

Baylor Professor Awarded AMA Recognition

The American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Sport & Sponsorship-Linked Marketing Special Interest Group (SportSIG) has awarded Baylor professor, Kirk Wakefield, the “Distinguished Career Contributions to the Scientific Understanding of Sports Business” Award. More

Video: The Baylor Business LEED Gold Celebration Ceremony

On April 28th, 2017, Baylor Business held a ceremony celebrating the LEED Gold certification award of the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation. This is a video of the... More