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BUS GPS and Smartphone Apps

Follow the live GPS tracking of BUS online or by using the app for the iPhone or the Droid.

Business Innovator Award for BUS GPS app:

The Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce has chosen Waco Transit as its first Business Innovator Award recipient. This award was given based on the GPS system that Waco Transit has implemented on the Baylor University Shuttles, which allows students to download a free app that shows the location of the shuttles at all times along the route. Waco Transit is very excited about offering this tracking capability to our campus riders, and we are hoping to increase awareness among Baylor students that this vehicle locator is available for the both the Red and Blue routes, along with the DASH, and the After Hours route.

If you would like to download this GPS app, search for "Ride Systems" in your app store, download it, and select "Baylor University" as your agent.

Download the app below.

Click on the icon below for the iPhone app.

Click on the icon below for the android app.