1. Cost
Service around the Baylor campus is available with no cost to ride. Students and visitors are encouraged to ride the BUS, which not only reduces vehicular traffic and parking congestion but also increases access to campus activities.

2. Maps
Maps of the BUS system are distributed throughout the Baylor campus. Printed versions of the BUS route maps may be found in the Bill Daniel Student Center, Parking and Transportation Services office in the Clifton Robinson Tower (first floor), and Wiethorn Visitors Center. A map of individual routes may be printed from this web site --> http://www.baylor.edu/bus

3. Hours of Operation
Baylor University has diligently sought to expand service hours to better meet the needs of students, faculty and staff populations. All routes are operated from approximately 7:25 AM until approximately 5:25 PM.

4. ADA Accessibility
All BUS vehicles are ADA accessible and are equipped with either a wheelchair lift or ramp. If you believe special assistance will be needed please call the Waco Transit dispatch office at (254) 750-1613.

5. Lost and Found
Waco Transit collects and maintains lost and found items for a maximum of 30 days. If you believe you have left something of value on a vehicle contact Waco Transit at (254) 750-1613. Our dispatchers can contact the vehicle by radio allowing for a quicker search for the item. An adequate description of the item is required before claiming it. Lost items may be claimed at the Waco Transit offices at 301 S. 8th St., Suite 100 or the Waco Transit Terminal.

6. Signaling the BUS
To signal the BUS to stop, stand up, wave your arm up and down (unlike a "hello" wave from side to side) and try to make eye contact with the driver. Typically the driver will stop the vehicle at the nearest safe location for you to board. Be aware that the driver will not stop if they feel it is not safe. Always stand on the same side of the street as the vehicle (so you do not have to cross traffic), and if at an intersection, position yourself before the intersection (the greater the distance before the intersection the better).

7. Music Devices
Headphones are required for all devices that play music or make continual noises.

8. Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
Alcohol, tobacco products and weapons are not permitted on the BUS. Issues that occur on Waco Transit vehicles are dealt with by the local authorities (Baylor DPS).

9. Food and Drink
Open food and drink are not allowed on the BUS vehicles. However, if you have purchased lunch at one location and are traveling to another location to eat you may carry the food and drink onto the vehicles as long as neither is open.

10. Rain, Sleet or Snow
Even in extreme weather the BUS system will make every attempt to run its routes. However, safety is our first priority both to our passengers and our operators. When service runs in extreme conditions time schedules may be altered in the interest of safety. The status of the BUS can be checked by calling 750-1613.

11. Speight Street Stop
The Speight Street Stop is located between the Student Life Center and the Hankamer Business School on Speight Street. This central location can be identified by the bus cut away, an area designed to allow buses to slide out of street traffic and board/disembark passengers (it looks much like a right turn lane with no turn). Several routes currently service the Speight Street Stop and future improvements to the stop are under consideration.