Personnel Policies

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Employment/Benefit Forms
Summary of Changes
Additional Employment/Benefit Forms

General BUPP Policies
Policy No. Policy Title
General Disclaimer
General Employment Policies
023 Standards of Personal Conduct
024 Code of Ethics
025 Technology Systems Usage Policy
026 Directory Information Policy
027 Employee Personal Information
028 Civil Rights Policy
029 Confidential Information
030 Drug-Free Workplace
030a Drug-Free Workplace Form
030b Drug-Free Workplace - Legal Sanctions
031 Sexual Misconduct Policy
031a Sexual Misconduct - Questions for Redemption Consideration
032 Nepotism
033 Initial Observation Period
034 Staff Teaching Policies
034a Staff Teaching Request & Authorization Form
035 Appropriate Use of University Funds
036 Romantic and/or Sexual Conduct with Students and Supervisees
037 Whistleblower Policy
038 Records Retention and Archival Policy
039 Usage of Copyrighted Material
040 Tobacco-Free and Smoke-Free Campus
041 Export, Import and Sanction Compliance

Staff Recruitment & Employment
Policy No. Policy Title
Staff Recruitment Policy
120b Memorandum of Understanding
120c Personnel Information Form
120d Affirmative Action Summary Form
120e Affirmative Action Questionnaire
121 Student Employment

Staff Classification
Policy No. Policy Title
Personnel Classification

Staff Compensation
Policy No. Policy Title
Supplemental Pay
305 Overtime Pay

Faculty & Staff Benefits
Policy No. Policy Title
Benefits Eligibility Classification
401 Bereavement Time (staff only)
402 Vacation Time (staff only)
403 Sick Time (staff only)
403a Sick Time Sharing (staff only)
404 Personal Time (staff only)
405 Court Leave
406 Non-Compensated Leaves of Absence
407 Holidays
408 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
408a FMLA Request/Action Form
408b FMLA Certification of Health Care Provider Form
409 Military Leave
410 Group Insurance - General
411 Group Life and Dependent Life Insurance
412 Group Long-Term Disability
413 Group Medical Insurance
414 Dental Plans
415 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
415a ADA Accommodation Request Form
415b ADA Medical Certification Form
416 Lactation Accommodation
420 Flexible Benefit Plan (Cafeteria Plan)
446 Workers' Compensation Insurance
448 Unemployment Compensation
450a Employee Tuition Remission and Educational Assistance Program
450b Spouse and Children Tuition Remission Program
450c Tuition Remission Application
451 Job-Related Tuition Reimbursement Program
451a Application for Job-Related Tuition Reimbursement
461 Baylor Retirement Income Plan
472 Deferred Compensation Plan
481 Campus Parking
483 Admission to Campus Events & Certain University Facilities
492 Taxable Benefits
600 Retirement Benefits

Faculty Personnel Information
Policy No. Policy Title
Recruitment & Employment - Faculty
120f Faculty Affirmative Action Questionnaire
700 Conflict of Interest Policy
800a Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Information Statement
701 Duties - Academic Freedom
702 Promotion
703 Master Teachers
704 Tenure Policy
705 Dismissal
706 Faculty Workload
707 Evening Courses and Summer Teaching
708 Faculty Development
710 Meetings
711 Faculty Senate
714 Summer Sabbaticals
715 Research Leaves Policy
716 Policy on Lecturers and Senior Lecturers
717 Academic Credentials for Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants
718 Academic Professionals
719 Clinical Faculty
721 Intellectual Property Policy
723 Faculty Ombuds Policy
733 Terminations - Faculty
733a Faculty Separation Processing Form
733b Faculty Exit Interview
740 Faculty Temporary Personnel & Budget Action (FTPBA) Form
743 Faculty Administrative Assignment Change (FAAC) Form
745 Study Abroad Summer Compensation
746 Fellowships and Externally-Funded Leaves

Staff Administration Information
Policy No. Policy Title
Staff Conflict of Interest Policy
800a Staff Conflict of Interest Form
801 Inclement Weather
802 Work Hours/Schedules
804 Performance Evaluation
805 Staff Observation Process
805a Staff Observation Form
806 Staff Promotions/Transfers
807 Staff Disciplinary Policy
809 New Employee Orientation
833 Staff Separation Policy
834 Temporary Personnel & Budget (TPBA) Policy
835 Workplace Violence Policy

University Grievances
Policy No. Policy Title
Civil Rights Policy
712 Faculty Grievances
822 Staff Grievances