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Operational Requests
Summer 2016 Review Request Deadline:

Requests for Spring Review must be in BearQuest and reviewed and checked-off by your Dean/Department Head by Wednesday, May 4, 2016.


When to Use BearQuest

BearQuest is your mechanism for making a proposal regarding how Baylor should spend its money. You make a proposal in BearQuest whenever:

  • You have an idea that will require more money than what your current budget can accommodate.
  • You are making a personnel request, whether you have the money in your budget or not.
  • You are proposing a construction project that you think will cost more than $5,000, whether you have the money in your budget or not. Also, use BearQuest for construction projects under $5,000 when you do not have the money in your departmental budget.
  • You are requesting a Major Strategic Proposal.
  • You are submitting a Departmental Operational Plan.

Benefits of BearQuest

  • Better idea of the big picture – stewardship
  • Accountability
  • Easily check and see status
  • Standard process
  • Ensure accuracy, better control of positions, better budget control
  • Reduce paper