Corbett Rotor-Gene 6000 Q-PCR (now the Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q)

Corbette Rotor-Gene

Date of acquisition: 2007

Additional information:

  • 36-tube and 72-tube rotor available (96-well plate format is not possible on this instrument)
  • Also available for Q-PCR data analysis is the Rotor-Gene ScreenClust HRM software
  • Rotor-Gene ScreenClust HRM Brochure

Techne TC512 Thermocycler

Techne Thermocycler

Date of acquisition: 2006

Additional information:

  • 96-well plate format (0.2mL tubes)

The MBC also has available an isolated Class II Type A/B3 Laminar flow hood designated for �Clean Use Only� and appropriate for sterile PCR or other sensitive (clean) molecular protocols that are not suitable for bench top work.