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Sterilizer Facility

Primus PSS5 Sterilizer

Date of acquisition: 2011 (new)

Additional information:

The MBC Sterilizer Facility is located on the 3rd floor of the Baylor Sciences Building, D307.

To access the MBC Sterilizer Facility, you must apply for and have approved card access through the MBC Director. Access to the Sterilizer Facility is separate from access to the MBC main lab. Please see 'About the MBC' for directions on how to get your access to the Sterilizer Facility approved.

Any individuals misusing the autoclave, interrupting cycles in progress, failing to follow log-book procedures, or failing to dispose of autoclaved wastes properly will have their access to the sterilizer facility revoked.

Training on the autoclave is mandatory prior to use. Training must be conducted by the MBC Director or by a Faculty member who has already received training. Students may not train other students on the use of the autoclave.