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About the MBC

Contact Us
Michelle Nemec, Ph.D.
Office: BSB C.305
Telephone: 254-710-2076
Fax: 254-710-2405

Mailing & Shipping Address
Mailing Address:
Baylor University
Attn: Dr. Michelle Nemec
One Bear Place #97046
Waco, TX 76798-7046

Shipping Address:
Baylor University Science Building
Attn: Dr. Michelle Nemec
101 Bagby Ave
Waco, TX 76706


To support Baylor University investigators and students in their research endeavors by providing instrumentation, consultation, and education.

We strive to provide equipment and training that may not be commonly available in individual research laboratories but that can be widely used by the University. The MBC also aims to stay up-to-date on emerging technologies and promote learning in a research environment.


The MBC main lab is located in the Baylor Sciences Building at Baylor University, room C305R. Entry to this facility is via approved card access only.

The MBC sterilizer facility and the MBC cell culture facilities are located in the Baylor Sciences Building, room D307. Entry to these facilities is via approved card access only.


The MBC is available for use by the faculty, staff, and students of Baylor University. The MBC is a controlled access environment.

Currently, researchers and students in multiple departments at Baylor make use of the center including Biology; Chemistry & Biochemistry; Psychology & Neuroscience; Anthropology, Forensic Science, & Archaeology; Geology, and Health, Human Performance, and Recreation. Professors, post-doctoral fellows, other researchers and staff members, graduate students, and undergraduate students are all welcome to use the facility for research purposes. Additionally, small- to medium-sized lab groups are welcome to use the MBC for teaching/training purposes with prior approval. This includes not only accommodating Baylor students enrolled in teaching labs but also making lab space available for outreach programs such as those aimed at high school students.

The MBC falls under the direct supervision of Dr Michelle Nemec, the Center Director. Dr Craig Moehnke, Director of the Science Facility at Baylor University, provides the ultimate oversight of the core facilities located within the Baylor Sciences Building. Additionally, with the continued and remarkable growth of two of the main research core facilities at Baylor University (the MBC and the Mass Spectrometry Center), an advisory committee for the Molecular Biosciences Center was established as of January 2011.