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Mass Spectrometry Center

Mission Statement

To develop a state-of-the-art analytical mass spectrometry service center with highly skilled technical staff that serves the Baylor University teaching and community and expands upon the current research capabilities of the existing network of interdisciplinary research. The center provides cutting-edge experimental capabilities to support a broad range of molecular-level research, develop technologies, and train students and faculty in the field of mass spectrometry using routine and specialized techniques.

Mass Spec Core Facility

Mass Spectrometry Center Goals

• To provide technical support for current and future mass spectrometers proposed for the Mass Spectrometry Center.

• To oversee instrument operation and coordinate day-to-day activities in the Mass Spectrometry Center.

• To Provide support for undergraduate teaching programs and research groups utilizing mass spectrometry.

Thanks for your interest in the MSC. We appreciate any comments, questions or suggestions.

Dr. Ramirez in office 1

Dr. Alejandro J. Ramirez
Mass Spectrometrist
Baylor Sciences Facility
One Bear Place # 97046
Waco, Texas 76798
Office: BSB Room C.115
Telephone: 254-710-2039
Fax: 254-710-2405