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Mass Spectrometry Center (BU-MSC)

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Dr. Alejandro J. Ramirez
Lab Manager
Office BSB C115
Telephone: 254-710-2039
Fax: 254-710-2405

The Baylor University Mass Spectrometry Center (BU-MSC) is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art mass spectrometry capabilities to researchers. We operate with the idea that a fully open-access, user-driven environment is the best conduit towards the development of leading-edge, interdisciplinary research. To that end, BU-MSC staff strive to transfer mass spectrometry expertise to every project and every user, bringing a new generation of scientists into the frontiers of discovery.

The (BU-MSC) was established in 2008 and continues to grow with the Baylor research community. The Center is primarily located on the first floor of the Baylor Sciences Building (BSB, E.156, E.159, and C.216) in Waco, Tx. We provide a broad range of instrumentation and look foward to talking with you about how your research can find a home here!