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The 508,000 square foot Baylor Sciences Building was designed to create a connection between the traditional science departments, to encourage an interactive science community and to support multidisciplinary collaborations in research and teaching. The design supports diverse teaching and learning styles in an atmosphere that fosters creativity and encourages learning communities outside the classroom. The Director's Office oversees the daily operations of the building as well as two interdisciplinary centers and collaborates with the science departments residing in the building to be sure that the building is functioning to fulfill all academic and research needs.

The Molecular Biosciences Center is a shared facility, intended for use by multiple departments to nurture, promote, and facilitate biomolecular research at Baylor University through scientific training, consultation, project collaborations, and University service.

The Mass Spectrometry Center provides experimental capabilities to support a broad range of mass spectrometry research, develop technologies, and train students and faculty in the field of mass spectrometry using routine and specialized techniques.

Other areas that are vital to the BSB operations are Scientific Instrumentation which oversees specific instrumentation needs to enhance teaching and research capabilities; Laboratory Health and Safety which assists laboratory personnel in developing safe laboratory practices and complying with federal, state and local regulations; and the Chemical Stockroom which is responsible for overseeing laboratory chemical inventories and for shipping and receiving to and from the Baylor Sciences Building

Additionally, the Classrooms are a major component and the Director's Office coordinates and oversees the usage and reservations of them and all building space.