Mark Hurd

Mr. Mark Hurd is the chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation, a member of the Oracle board of directors, and a member of the Baylor Board of Regents. He leads corporate direction and strategy at Oracle, facilitating direction in alliances, marketing, sales, channels and support, and consulting. He is also responsible for Oracle’s global field operations, focusing on strategy, innovation, leadership, and customers.

A proud Baylor University alumnus (1979), Mr. Hurd remains an involved member of the Baylor community. He has spoken at Baylor on several occasions on topics spanning business to technology. He credits Baylor for equipping him with the experiences necessary to become a successful leader. Recalling his time at Baylor in an interview with Baylor Business Review, he said, "I carried a full academic load, was a scholarship athlete, and was trying to be part of a fraternity. I think all of that taught me the value of time and organization." In 2012, he was awarded the Baylor University Meritorious Achievement Award for his philanthropy and extraordinary service to Baylor.

Mr. Hurd attended Baylor on a tennis scholarship, a sport he continues to passionately support at the University today. Seeing the critical need for improved tennis courts, he made a significant donation to Baylor’s outdoor tennis facility, which helped create The Hurd Tennis Center. In 2015, the Hurd Tennis Center was named the no. 1 college tennis facility by Tennis Magazine.