May 2004 Presentations and Participations

May 4, 2004
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Dr. Bryan W. Brooks, assistant professor of environmental studies, and Dr. C. Kevin Chambliss, assistant professor of chemistry, presented a co-authored paper titled "Select Pharmaceutical Accumulation in Teleost Liver, Brain and Muscle" in November at a Geological Society of America meeting in Seattle. Additional co-authors are R.D. Johnson and R.J. Lewis, Federal Aviation Administration. Dr. Brooks presented "Emerging Environmental Contaminants: Pharmaceuticals and Effluent-dominated Streams" in February at an Institute of Environmental Studies meeting at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. He presented two co-authored papers in March at a Society of Toxicology annual meeting in Baltimore: "Aquatic Microbial Population and Community Responses to Select Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors" with co-authors Dr. Rene D. Massengale, assistant professor of biology, Beth Glidewell, Baylor graduate student, and Dayo Fadelu, Baylor undergraduate; and "Neuromodulation of Teleost Catecholamines by Propranolol and Fluoexetine" with co-authors W. Smith and C.L. Blank, University of Oklahoma, D.B. Huggett, Pfizer, and C.M. Foran, West Virginia University.

Dr. Robert G. Collmer, emeritus distinguished professor of English, presented "El Colegio Inglés and 'La Vulnerata': The Jesuit College and the Damaged Image at Valladolid" in May at the University of Barcelona in Spain.

Dr. William V. Davis, professor of English and Writer-in-Residence, gave a reading of his poems and presented lectures on contemporary American poetry and the poetry of Charles Wright in March at the University of Vienna in Austria.

Dr. Phillip J. Donnelly, assistant professor of literature, presented "A Biblical Context for Theodicy: Why Psalm 2?" March 11-13 at the International Milton Congress in Pittsburgh, Pa. He presented "Gadamer and Milton: Tradition, Allegory and Aesthetic Consciousness" April 1-3 at a Renaissance Society of America annual meeting in New York City.

Dr. Kevin J. Gardner, associate professor of English, taught a 12-week class on the poetry of Anglican priests John Donne, George Herbert, John Keble and R.S. Thomas at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Waco.

Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey, provost and Distinguished Professor of Literature and the Humanities, presented the Andrew Lang Lecture titled "Was Tolkien Right?" March 8 at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Dr. Joseph Jeyaraj, assistant professor of English, presented "Postcolonial Technical Communication: A New Field" in March at an Association of Teachers of Technical Writing conference in San Antonio. He presented "Jacques Lacan and Socially Epistemic Pedagogy: Reintroducing the 'Real' and Reconsidering the 'Imaginary'" in March at the 2004 Conference on College Composition and Communication in San Antonio.

Dr. Roger E. Kirk, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Statistics and Master Teacher, presented "Teaching Introductory Statistics: Some Things That Work" April 9 at a Southwestern Psychological Association annual meeting in San Antonio.

Dr. Timothy R. McKinney, associate professor of music theory, presented "Exempli Gratia: The Musical Debate between Nicola Vicentino and Ghiselin Danckerts" April 1-3 at the South-Central Renaissance Conference in Austin.

Dr. Kevin G. Pinney, associate professor of chemistry, presented a co-authored poster titled "Oxi 4503 Potentiates the Antitumor Activity of Carboplatin and Paclitaaxel" March 28-30 at an American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Orlando. There are multiple co-authors. He presented "The Discovery and Development of Tumor-selective Vascular Targeting Agents: Present Status and Future Directions" March 31-April 2 at Oxigene Inc. in Waltham, Mass.

Dr. Andy Pittman, associate professor of health, human performance and recreation, and Dr. Barbara Osborne, University of North Carolina, presented a co-authored paper titled "Is the New Gambling Legislation a Crap Shoot?: Don't Bet on It!" in March at a Sport and Recreation Law Association conference in Las Vegas. He presented "City of Bellmead v. Torres: An Analysis of the Texas Recreational Use Statute" and a co-authored paper with Dr. Rodney G. Bowden, assistant professor of health, human performance and recreation, titled "Drug Testing and Programs: Are They Effective?" in March at an American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance convention in New Orleans.

Dr. Mary Lynn Trawick, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, presented a seminar titled "Protein Crosslinking and Tubulin Polymerization" April 2 at the University of North Texas in Denton.

Dr. W. Dennis Tucker, assistant professor of Christian scriptures at Truett Seminary, presented "Is Shame a Matter of Patronage in the Psalms" Nov. 22 at a Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in Atlanta. He presented "Facets of Shame in the Communal Laments" March 5 at a Southwest Commission on Religious Studies meeting in Dallas.

Dr. Dianna M. Vitanza, associate professor of English, presented "Naturalism in Griffith Gaunt, Charles Reade's Novel of Character" and chaired a session titled "Gender and Genre: Reading Wilkie Collins" March 4-7 at a Northeast Modern Language Association meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dr. Kathy A. Whipple, professor of communication sciences and disorders, Janice A. Stewart, senior lecturer in the Joy C. Reynolds Language Institute, and Deborah A. Rainer, senior lecturer in communication sciences and disorders and clinical director, presented a co-authored paper titled "Visual and Auditory Augmentation for Speech and Language Delayed Children" April 26 at the Texas Speech, Hearing and Language Convention in San Antonio.

Baylor faculty and students made the following presentations of co-authored papers in November at a Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry annual meeting in Austin: "Toxicity Identification Evaluation of a Lake Sediment Historically Contaminated by Arsenic," Dr. Bryan W. Brooks, assistant professor of environmental studies, Jacob Stanley, Baylor graduate student, and multiple co-authors; "A Novel Method for Determining Pharmaceutical Effects on Aquatic Microbial Communities," Dr. Rene D. Massengale, assistant professor of biology, Beth Glidewell, Baylor graduate student, and Dayo Fadelu, Baylor undergraduate, and Dr. Brooks; "Ecotoxicity of Select Antiestrogens to Freshwater Organisms," Rebekah L. Clubbs and Stanley, Baylor graduate students, Dr. Brooks and P.K. Turner, University of North Texas; "Water Quality of Arid Rivers: A 303(d) List Case Study of the Rio Grande," Dr. Brooks, Stanley and multiple co-authors; "Porewater and Whole Sediment TIE Approaches for Complex Chemical Mixtures," Dr. Brooks, Stanley and multiple co-authors; "Municipal Effluent Estrogenicity in the Guadalajara and Lake Chapala Region of Mexico," Dr. Brooks, Clubbs, Dr. Owen T. Lind, professor of biology, Laura Davalos-Lind, coordinator of Baylor's Chapala Ecology Station, and multiple co-authors; and "Pharmaceutical Neuromodulation of Teleost Catecholamines," Dr. Brooks and multiple co-authors.

Three English faculty members participated in the 2004 Conference of College Teachers of English March 4-6 in Beaumont. Dr. J.R. LeMaster, professor, participated in a business meeting and gave a reading of his poetry from his book Journey to Beijing; Dr. Maurice A. Hunt, chair and research professor, chaired a session on rhetoric and composition and participated in a business meeting; and Dr. James E. Barcus, professor, presented a report at a business meeting.

Three Baylor graduate students presented posters co-authored by Baylor faculty March 28-31 at an American Chemical Society meeting in Anaheim, Calif. Hania Wehbe presented "Novel Diaryl Combertastatin Analogues: Potential Agents of Tubulin Binging and Vascular Targeting" March 28. Co-authors are Dr. Kevin G. Pinney, associate professor of chemistry, and Dr. Christopher M. Kearney, associate professor of biology. Christopher J. Jelinek presented "Synthesis of 5-amino-6-methoxy-1,2-diaryl-3,4-dihydronaphtalenes: Potential Anticancer and Vascular Targeting Agents" March 28. Co-authors are Dr. Pinney and Andrea Tzeng, Baylor undergraduate. M. Graciela Miranda presented "Synthesis of Novel Selective Serotonin Inhibitors (SSRIs): Targeting SERT and 5-HT2A Receptors" March 31. Co-authors are Dr. Pinney and Michael S. Stewart, Baylor undergraduate.
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