January 2004 Family Circle

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January 11, 2004
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Congratulations to

Micah Lamb, ITS, on his marriage Jan. 3 to Stephanie Moncla in Texas City. Micah is the son of Joyce Lamb, public relations.

Tiffany Olson, assistant provost, and Andrew Hogue, Truett Seminary student, on their Dec. 20 marriage in Waco.

With sympathy to

The family of Jane Bartoli, widow of Lino Bartoli, former professor of violin, on her death.

Joy Ebo, Baylor student, on the death of her father.

Courtney McClain, Baylor student, on the death of her fiancé, Brian Kreiger, a 2003 Baylor graduate.

Gwendolyn McNuckles, BIC, on the death of her husband, Roosevelt McNuckles.

Elizabeth Michael, Baylor student, on the death of her father.

The family of Faye Ratliff, Piper Center, on her death.
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