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February 4, 2005

Congratulations to

Dr. Jean Ann Boyd, music, on the birth of her granddaughter Kaitlynn Elizabeth Phillips Oct. 24.
Angela Funai, University development, and husband, Lane, on the birth of their son, Ryan Saburo Funai, Nov. 19.
Dr. Denny B. Kramer, business communications, and Deanne S. Kramer, information systems, on the birth of twin daughters, Emerson Olivia and Grayson Alexandra Kramer, Nov. 22.
Dr. Lorin S. Matthews, physics, and husband on the birth of twins, Sterling Steen Matthews and Allyriane Matthews, Jan. 18.

Best wishes to

Dr. O. Herbert Colvin, professor emeritus of music theory, on his surgery.
Robin Crouch, Baylor student, on her hospitalization for cancer treatment.
Dr. Bill D. Lamkin, professor emeritus of educational psychology, on his surgery.
Dr. William E. McBride, professor emeritus of computer science, on his surgery.
Dr. Lois Marie Sutton, professor emeritus of French, on her surgery.

With sympathy to

Jim Falbe, Truett Seminary student, on the death of his father.
Christopher Green, Baylor student, on the death of his father.
Chris Hansen, public relations, on the death of his mother-in-law.
Dr. C. Alton Hassell, chemistry, on the death of his mother Nov. 26.
Susan Mansfield, Baylor student, on the death of her father, James Mansfield.
Mary Jane Morton, Baylor student, on the death of her father, Gil Morton, Nov. 22.
Cord Selbrede and Christian Selbrede, Baylor students, on the death of their stepmother, Darlene Selbrede, Jan. 24.
Kimberly Anne Skinner, Baylor student, on the death of her father Jan. 2.
The family of Eunice Kundert Stephens, widow of Dr. W.R. Stephens, emeritus chair and professor of chemistry, on her death Oct. 5.
Aden Stiles, Baylor student, on the death of his mother Jan. 14.

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