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Graduate Courses

Although graduate education significantly involves research, preparation for dissertation and thesis research requires development of a strong foundation in the biological subdiscipline of specialty and in methodology.  This preparation is accomplished through course work with the graduate faculty. 

A core set of courses is required for all doctoral and master’s students in Biology.  Descriptions of these and other broadly relevant courses can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

Courses at the 4000-level are available to graduate students if they are listed in the Graduate Catalog; graduate students must perform work beyond that expected of undergraduate students to receive graduate credit for 4000-level courses.  Master’s and doctoral courses, designated by 5000- and 6000-level numbers, are generally available only to graduate students.   The second digit in the course number indicates the number of credit hours for the course.  Following the course descriptions are numbers in parentheses which represent the number of hours spent weekly in lecture and lab, respectively.

Although Biology offers an impressive array of graduate courses, many of our graduate students increase the breadth of their education through courses in other departments, such as Environmental Studies, Geology, Chemistry, and Statistics.

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